What Is The Relationship Between Bitcoin Value and GPU Prices?

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Here we need to put light on processing power and we are talking about high-end gaming cards. Because of their processing power, these gaming cards have become the ideal choice for cryptocurrency mining rigs. These were in hot demand when Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other digital token’s prices moved to heights that were unprecedented. This was in the year 2017 and 2018. Adult sites and fuck buddy apps were early adopters of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but it wasn’t long before many mainstream companies offering goods and services began accepting cryptocurrencies as valid forms of payment. This led to a legitimization of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies thus skyrocketing values.

Today’s Significant Changes

Wait there are significant changes in the trends when we look at the market today. You can see that these reports are getting reversed. You can easily see declining changes when we consider the add-in board. But meantime, there were increase in supplies. This is going to follow similar path down when there will be digital token prices crash.

Experts have expected this drop in connection to the drop that was expected at digital currency prices. There is one more thing that you can note here. The cost that is required for running the mining rigs may not be insignificant. When you observe the drop in prices of that of currencies, people will go and run rigs and they will choose to dump all their AIBs mainly on the secondary market. They do this hoping and dreaming to recover some significant cost.

What Happened In 2017?

In 2017 over $776 million worth AIBs were actually sold to the cryptocurrency miners. The majority were coming from AMD according to the experts. At the beginning of 2018, there were many expansion boards of high-end were actually sold out. Meantime there were spikes in overall prices. These resulted in tech enthusiasts and gamers to raise their anger.

One more thing you can note here is even NVIDIA took an unusual step here. They asked their hardware retailers for prioritizing the sales for gamers than cryptocurrency miners.

GPU Market

This downward trend has also mirrored in the GPU market. For example, you can consider AMD’s top-end six-pack -OEM 4GB RX 580. This was worth and had a tag of $3,600 and it was later sold out. Today, you can clearly see the availability of the same six-pack with a price tag of $2500. One more example you can consider is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition. This was earlier sold for $1050 and now available for $709.

You can also see a decline in a lot of AIB shipments which were actually aimed at crypto mining. The decline was over 55 percent and this is in comparison to the last quarter of the year 2017 to current trends. This is the main reason behind the changing of high-end GPU prices.

Other Factors

There are many other factors that may have helped in pushing the GPU prices. After the arrival of Pascal in 2016, there is no introduction that you can see from NVIDIA as a new family of GPUs. Pascal actually belonged to 10 series which arrived in the year 2016.

Yes, we are talking about a lack of inventory as well. There are many rival manufacturers in the market. Hence NVIDIA is also facing the highest competition. This is definitely due to a lack of inventory. But, there is news that both AMD and NVIDIA are building new inventory. This is definitely affected ASPs. You can also see some moves that can result in further roil for the GPU market. … Continue Reading

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Top Computer Hardware Manufacturers

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Advancement in the technology industry has revolutionized communication as well as access to information like never before. There are companies which have established themselves as the manufacturers of hardware components for electronic devices. These companies are regarded as the most valuable and profitable companies in the world. Industry giants such as Apple, IBM and Samsung are some of the most reckoned brands but there are also other less popular brands that are making a great growth. Hardware is the foundation of the digital world. All of our favorite websites and apps start with hardware. Your favorite fuck site wouldn’t be around to set up local hook ups without the hardware used to create it.

Computer Hardware

A computer is a device that comprises several hardware components working together. The hardware provides a platform where the operating is installed for the full functioning of a computer. The hardware is the physical or tangible unit of the computer that connects to the computer system while the software is the intangible part of the computer that works inherent with the computer. During the early days of computers there were only a few manufacturers and each of the manufacturer sold their own model. It was very hard for the users to replace the parts depending on their individual needs. Over time more and more companies came into the field and they brought in unified models in the production of computer components.


apple computers

Apple is one of the most established technology companies that specializes in the production of computers, iPads, tablets and smartphones. It was founded by Steve Jobs back in 1976 and it has enjoyed a comfortable market dominance in the American market and other places around the globe. Apple sells its products through direct sales, online stores, retailers as well as third party networks. Being one of the most popular brands around the globe, the estimated sales for Apple is around $200 billion with assets of around $300 billion.


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is a South Korean electronics company that has established itself as the producers of mobile electronic devices. Samsung is regarded as one of the most successful technology companies around the world after introducing their flagship into the market, that is the Android, Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab. They are also the leading producers of HDTVs as well as home theater equipment’s. The sales of Samsung range somewhere around $200 billion with assets of the save value as well as market capitalization.


International Business Machines Corp. is a New York-based company that was founded in 1911 as a punch-card tabulating machine. The company launched its first personal computer in 1981 known as the IBM PC and it was recognized as the industry standard. The failure of IBM to compete effectively in the rapidly changing market led the industry to a lot of problems. However, the focus of the company in networking and business solutions has helped the company remain a major force in the hardware industry.

HP Inc.

Hewlett-Packard Company otherwise known as HP Inc., is a New York based company that produces personal computers and printers. After experiencing a decline in the market of personal computers, the company decided to split into two smaller companies. One of the companies specialized in server and sales of hardware.


Lenovo is a computer technology company that has its headquarters in Beijing china. It is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of personal computers, tablets, smartphones, workstations, smart televisions, servers as well as electronic storage devices. It boasts being one of the largest vendors of PC with an annual sales of around $45 billion and a market capitalization of $10 billion.


Fujitsu is a well recognized company that manufactures and designs a wide array of products and personal computers such as mobile phones, storage systems, servers, scanners, printers and tablets. It is the second oldest technology company after IBM and has its headquarters in Tokyo Japan. The sales of Fujitsu ranges around $45 billion with a market capitalization of $10 billion.

Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn is a Taiwanese electronic manufacturing company that has its headquarters in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. It is one of the largest electronic manufacturing companies with over 1 million employees. Being the largest producer of Apple products the company reaps massive success from the selling of Apple products. Other top technology companies in the market include Asus Tek, Quanta computer and Compal.… Continue Reading

Hardware Components Of Car Computers

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All cars that are manufactured in the modern world are at least automated. This implies that these cars come installed with computer hardware components that increase their efficiency. The main function of computers in cars is to monitor the engine of the cars and adjust the engine so that emissions are kept as low as possible. There are different kinds of sensors in a car that relay information. These sensors include; oxygen sensors, air temperature sensors, air pressure sensor, throttle position sensors, oxygen sensors and knock sensors.


Using the information obtained from the sensors, the computer is able to control things like spark plugs, fuel injectors as well as the idle speed for one to get the best performance. The advantage of the sensors is that they are able to detect any mechanical problems in the car and inform the driver in case there is anything wrong with the car. The mechanic will then be able to check the problem in the car and fix the problem.

Types of car computers

There are all sorts of computers and computer hardware installed on a car depending on the make, price and manufacturer of the car. There are computers that control the automatic transmission of cars. That are computer hardwares that are designed to function like an anti-lock system. They read the speed of the car and control the braking system. Some types of computers have an air bag system that are automated. You will also find advanced climate control systems that have computers. Other functions of the cars that are automated include the music player system and the cruise control system. Simply put a modern luxury car is a rolling computer.

Automatic transmission

If you have ever driven a car with an automatic transmission then you understand that their exist a very big difference between automatic transmission and manual transmission. In automatic transmission there is no clutch pedal and gear shift. With automatic transmission once you engage the car into drive then everything else is set into motion. The difference between automatic transmission and manual transmission is the fact that manual transmissions lock and unlocks different sets of gears in order to achieve a desired gear ratio. When you take a look at the inside of the gears of an automatic transmission. You will find different kinds of assortment. One of the things that you will come across is an ingenious planetary system of gear sets, a hydraulic system that control the clutches, bands that lock the gear set and wet plate clutches that lock the gear set together. In any gear set there are three main planetary key components. There is the sun gear, the planet gears and the ring gear. Each of these systems can be the input, output or stationery system.


Controller area network refers to a system of software protocols and wires that serve as a connective tissue between vehicles and computer sensors known as CANbus, originally devoloped by Bosch. The role of CAN is to make cars cheaper, smarter and capable of doing things that would otherwise seem impossible. One thing you should understand about automated vehicles is that everything seems simple but under the hood it is quite complex. The movement of data is like that of a freeway where it moves from high-traffic roads to local roads then to ramps.

There are different types of computers in a car called the electronic control unit ECU. The ECU serves a wide variety of functions which include transmission and unlocking doors and windows among many more functions. The computers make use of sensors which are wired to detect various variables such as pressure, temperature, acceleration at different angles, steering angle, braking and voltage among many other signals. Whenever an ECU needs to communicate with another ECU that is connected elsewhere in the car, it uses the CAN to send the signal.

CANbus network allow the transfer of data from the sensors and computers to circulate around the car at all times. Since each computer is sending its own particular signal around 2000 signals float around a car at any given time. Cars don’t have a central routing system but rather entails a continuous flow of information that is available throughout the ECU.

A good example of an ECU in operation is the one found in power sliding doors a very common feature in modern minivans. The doors of these minivans are opened by an ECU known as body control module. The sensors in the car constantly report as to whether the doors are open or closed. Whenever the button to open the door is pushed the system does not just open the door. It has to send signal first to check if the car is in parking mode and not moving.


Introduction of technology into cars not only meant that they will be efficient and easy to control but also improved other aspects like security and diagnosis. Most of the cars come with an On-Board Diagnostic tool. This devices is designed in such a way that a CAN network efficiently connects to all the engine sensors for the purpose of self-diagnosis. With this kind of interconnection the ECU can watch for any problems with the network and broadcast an alphanumeric code and check the performance of the engine. These checks are carried out anytime while the car is running.

What next

Modern engineering has revolutionized the way cars are manufactured and their performance. The cars have become more economical, ecofriendly and improved performance. Some heavy thinkers have even peeked behind the computer programming of cars and tweaked them to add more features or performance. It is not a bad idea if you are a professional however it is not advisable by the manufacturer as it will make your warranty void. Lastly, the electroni network of the cars are specifically designed to handle the amount of data that it receives. However, overtime depending on the amount of data that it is receiving it might need to be upgraded. Picture being able to travel in a fully atonomous vehicle that essentially acts as a travelling office. While your car is transporting you it can also be powering your internet access and allowing you access to all of your favorite apps and web tools. There is a future where you can jump on your hook up app and have your computer automated car drive you to meet and fuck with a new fuck buddy using its own internet connection all while keeping a perfect air conditioned cabin. … Continue Reading

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Best Gaming GPU’S

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Gamers fight a lot over the best GPU cards. But the “best’ in graphics cards may mean different things to different people. Some gamers are after speed, regardless of price. Others may opt for a balanced evaluation, and at a reasonable price, to judge the best. Gaming is influenced most deeply by the performance and quality of the graphics card. For avid gamers, this therefore is a most critical List, one that they will want to be based on careful analysis based on the most powerful tests. The main competition here is of course between Nvidia and AMD GPU’s. Typically, after rigorous tests, it was determined that the RX 5700 was performing better overall than the RTX 2060 Super. But that of course is not the whole story. Personal preference is final in these cases, where the technical difference is closer than a hair’s width sometimes. While Nvidia certainly continues to rule the roost with their RTX 2060 models, AMD’s RX 5600 XT and RX 5500 XT , in both 4GB and 8GB variants, come close, but at a significantly lower price. And these are just some of the factors under consideration while presenting the List below for the Most Popular GPU’s for gaming.

The following List ranks some of the Most Popular GPU’s for gaming:

  • RTX 2060: This is reckoned to be the best High End GPU for 1080p Ultra and 11440p High. Though its very fast, there are no new features, just RTX 2070 Redux. But the price is quite high, and AMD’s 5700 XT is far better, and its only just a bit better than the RX 5700, which sells for a much lower price.
  • RTX 2060 Super: GPU-wise, it ranks as one of the best High End cards, but again, there’s not much to see here. At this price, one expects to see at least some innovations. Its cheaper than RTX 2070, its fast for 1440p gaming, but it’s a big step up in price over RTX 2060.
  • RX 5700 XT: This is easily the best AMD GPU available at the moment, and its available at an unbelievably low price. Using Navi 10, it has 2560 Cores, with 8 GB Video RAM, and GDDR6 14 Gbps. Its new RDNA architecture offers fine performance. Its as fast as Radeon VII, but for HALF the price! Its not only superb with 1440p for gaming, but is excellent with 4K high when needed. But the sad truth is that AMD;s fastest GPU’s are still slower than Nvidia. And also, it has no support for ray tracing, whether by software or hardware.
  • RTX 2070 Super: This GPU card has nearly RTX 2080 performance at a much lower price. Performance is just about 10% lower, but price is a whole 30% less, than RTX 2080 Super. 4K performance will only be of medium quality, but 1440p ultra performs very well indeed, even at 60 fps.
  • RTX 2080 Super: GPU(Tu104) with 3072 Cores gives this a far better price to performance ratio than RTX 2080 Ti. It costs 35% less, and gives 85% to 90% of the performance. What more can a gamer want? It has the fastest GDDR6 in a GPU. It is also the second fastest consumer card. But it is unable to do 4K at 60 fps in many games, so some keen gamers may be a tad disappointed.
  • RTX 2080 Ti: GPU This is the Best Graphics Card overall, but only where the price is not an obstacle. Extremely High End that this GPU is, it is also shockingly high priced. This is the fastest non-Titan GPU. It can genuinely handle 4K High/Ultra at 60 fps. But it does seem a case of sheer overkill with regards to the 1080p displays. But if price is no object, this GPU, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is definitely unbeatable for quality and performance. The secret lies in the Nvidia’s Turing architecture, even without enabling the ray tracing or DLSS. It is easily 30% to 40% faster at even higher resolutions and settings. But in spite of all this, it manages only a meagre 3% to 5% increase in performance over the Titan RTX , which is almost half the price. Is it worth it?
  • RX 570 4GB: Best Budget GPU, in spite of some inefficiency and age problems. But do remember : 4GB VRAM does set limits on usage.
  • GTX 1660 Super: This GPU is 15% faster than the regular 1660.
  • RX 5600 XT: One of the most affordable GPU’s in the whole range, it gives decent performance at a low price and is particularly suitable for beginners.

Technology in GPU’s is rapidly evolving. These are some of the best picks currently, but rest assured, the next best graphics card will be out soon. When it comes to gaming, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks.… Continue Reading

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CPU’s Compared Intel vs AMD

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Intel (Integrated Electronics) and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.) are the two giants of the CPU world. Together, they produce over 95% of all the IC Chips produced in the world. Intense rivalry and continuous improvement has been the hallmark of their success. Each new chip by one of the two giants is met by an even better chip by the other. CPU’s Compared Intel vs AMD forms the focus of this review, in order to help Buyers chose intelligently.


The focus subject, CPU’s Compared Intel vs AMD, will now be enumerated as follows:

  • Intel has been universally accepted as not only the largest CPU manufacturer in the world, but also as the Makers of the best ‘Chips’. But AMD has been the superior fighter of the two. Starting far behind Intel and several other Chip Makers, AMD has nearly caught up with Intel, and is actually beginning to worry Intel.
  • In the Field of Desktops, the current most powerful Chip in the world is from the house of AMD. Named ‘RYZEN 9 3950X’, it is the finest CPU in the world, with 16 Cores and 32 Threads.
  • The top Gamer Chip from Intel’s stable is the ‘9900K’. This comes with 8 Cores and 16 Threads.
  • The 9900K clocks a little higher with 5GHz Single Core boost, whereas the AMD’s 3950X clocks in at 4.7GHz. But the AMD’s CPUs 16 Cores and 32 Threads is simply double to that of the best Intel offering.
  • The cost too is a telling factor, in a field where every cent counts to stave off the competition. But the fact that AMD’s CPU breaks through the US$500 ceiling, with a suggested price of US$749, whereas the Intel’s version is priced at a modest US$472, tells the whole story about the difference in quality between the two.
  • To determine the second ranking in CPUs, the Intel Chips recommended are the ‘Core i7-9700K’ for US$359. To match this, AMD has launched a killer Chip that can dominate Intel in multi-threaded workloads. It is the ‘RYZEN 7 3700X’ and it is a fantastic option. It comes with 8 Cores and 16 Threads, and offers a massive boost to instructions-per-clock when compared to its predecessor (2700X). it comes at a price of US$328.
  • Intel’s latest 7th and 9th Generation CPUs (i9) offer powerful performance with 10-18 Cores and up-to 36 Threads. But the prices are also extremely high. In-fact, the flagship Core i9-9980XE costs around US$1900 or higher. But, AMD’s Generation X of RYZEN 3000 CPUs can give the Intel Chips some unbeatable competition. But AMD’s earlier First and Second Generation Threadripper CPUs are still highly popular for their flexibility and price, such is their ease of application, and quality. The layout of AMD 2000 series CPU’s offer between 12 to 32 cores and up to 64 threads with multithreading simoultaneousness. The prices are only between US$329 and US$1,700. For a typical high end upgrade at a low cost, one can use Threadripper 2950X , priced at only US$329.
  • In fact, AMD has already offered an array of Third Generation Threadripper 3960X CPU chips, which are comparatively much cheaper than Intel’s, at a price of US$1,399 only, and yet power packs 24 cores and 48 threads.
  • One drawback is however that the AMD chips have a higher consumption of power, due to all these additional cores.
  • In the Field of Laptops however, Intel is already quite a distance ahead. It will be very difficult for AMD, or anyone else, to dislodge them now.
  • But AMD has never walked away from a fight, however insurmountable it may seem at first sight. It is already offering the new Acer Swift 3, and the 15-inch Surface Laptop. But for the moment, Intel is unbeatable in the Laptop zone. Their Intel Ice lake range with 10th Generation Processors include a special 11th Generation Graphics.
  • One of the most efficient laptops in the world now is the Dell XPS 13.2-in-1, and it is powered by Intel’s Ice lake. In fact, Intel also has a Comet 10th –Generation, with six-core Core i7 chip.
  • In conclusion, while both are very close in popularity in Desktops, Intel is far ahead in Laptops.
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computer hardware engineer

What Is a Computer Hardware Engineer?

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When it comes to knowing about the engineers that are available numerous are available. Every field is associated with different courses and so the different engineers. Computers are one of those branches where you will find different engineers. Here you will find hardware engineer, software engineer and so on.

When it comes to knowing about a computer hardware engineer, you will get surprised to know that everything which is associated with technical things which are necessary for a computer to opt is taken into consideration by him.

A computer hardware engineer looks in every field including researching, development, designing and testing of the computer as well. He will let you know about everything which is associated with the computer. Also, he will tell you if there is any modification requires letting it run more properly.

Some key skills must be possessed by a computer hardware engineer. These are:

  • Analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Speaking skills

These all are necessary for the one who is going to be a computer hardware engineer or is a computer hardware engineer. Moreover, apart from the skills, you must get trained on everything related to your field.

If you know the solution to the problem that must arise you will control it before it happened. Moreover, you must get trained under professionals. The reason being they will let you explore yourself to an extent beyond your thinking. When you will get sure about what exactly is the requirement you will be able to deal with the problem more conveniently.

You must have a bachelor’s degree available with you in the respective field. It will be an advancement for you if you have some extra certificates available with you. Just make sure whichever the internship or classes you are choosing to be a computer hardware8 engineer must teach you all the key points required by you to be the same.

The license also becomes necessary. The reason being, if you are going to start on your own then it is necessary to be a certified one. If you are a certified one then people will trust you more and will be ready to avail the service offered by you.

Therefore, it has been suggested to you that if you are looking forward to being a computer hardware engineer just make sure you are learning everything with great attention and focus as well. do not compromise with anything when it comes to knowing about the skills which are supposed to opt by the computer hardware engineer.

This one can be a good start to your career and also will let you explore your skills in a better way. There will be nothing available that will be lacking in the course that will be teaching to you under this particular degree. There is nothing for you to get worried about a career as well. Computer hardware engineers are more in demand than others. Just get the same from a reputed institution.… Continue Reading

Latest Headlines

Friday News, December 30th 2011

The Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD5 motherboard continues that trend on the Intel Z68 Express platform. The GA-Z68XP-UD5 packs a ton of features with some pretty innovative software. Starting out, the motherboard uses the Z68 chipset. This means that it is a LGA1155 socket for the newest Intel Sandy Bridge processors and has memory support up to 2133MHz with a capacity for 32GB. For storage there are two SATA 3.0 ports and four SATA 2.0 ports with RAID 0,1,5,10 support. There are I/O connectivity includes two eSATA 6Gb/s connectors, up to ten USB 2.0 ports (including the 4 expandable with internal headers), up to 8 USB 3.0 ports (4 on the back panel and 4 with internal headers), and three IEEE 1394a ports (two on the rear and one internal header).

In our CPU scaling article we investigate gaming performance of AMD's latest Radeon HD 7970 flagship. The processors in our test group have been selected to match popular CPUs used by gamers and enthusiasts: AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer, Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge and Intel Core i7-920 Nehalem.


Today we are going to look at the ASRock A75M-ITX motherboard which is aimed at the small-form-factor market. As its name suggests, the motherboard is Mini-ITX which makes it ideal to use within a compact HTPC.



Thursday News, December 29th 2011

Of all the superheroes, Batman is one of the few who does not possess any super-human power. Perhaps that is why so many people cheer for The Great Detective, and why so many gamers seek to wear his utility belt. Although the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises depicts the same character played in the Batman: Arkham City video game, both also share 3D special effects that offer a glimpse from behind Batman's cowl. Super-villain Joker always gets the last laugh, and uses dozens of other arch enemies to help make his punch line. In this article, Benchmark Reviews guides you through the criminal masterminds that inhabit Batman: Arkham City in this NVIDIA 3D Vision game review.

The E30200A DDR3 from Exceleram are some really affordable 8GB memory modules that we can use in case we are running lots of virtual machines, Ramdrives or other memory-consuming applications. These are not too overclockable, so the maximum stability we could obtain only at 11-11-11-30, 1600Mhz, by running with two out of four sticks.

Case, Cooling and Power


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Tuesday News, December 27th 2011

Mach Extreme are a name which may be unknown to many, but a handful of their executives have a strong history in the memory sector. This Mach Xtreme MX-DS Turbo 120GB Solid State Drive is based around the class leading Sandforce SF2281 controller with full support for the SATA 3 interface.

Wait a second, did I just explain my situation? Well, unfortunately, yes. I am quite sure many of us have found ourselves in this position as well. And now that I think about it, Christmas Day is no more than 54 hours away, and I have yet to begin my shopping. Oh, but of course, the Gigabyte motherboard review comes first! If I had a moment's time to breathe, I would simply go through all the amazing technological developments of 2011. However, since I do not have the luxury of such a physiological need, I will sum up the entire year with a few words, letters, and numbers. Sandy Bridge, H67, P67, and lastly, Z68. So without further adieu, let us plow through the last motherboard review of the year here at APH Networks!

The new AMD Radeon HD 7970 is here. Is it as hot as it's namesake, Tahiti? Our performance review pits it against the best high end GPUs from the last two generations, and details what's new and exciting in the fastest single GPU available today.


We hope you are all having a great Christmas, and today we are extending our excellent giveaway bonanza with a fantastic power supply courtesy of OCZ Technologies. We have looked at the 1250W version of this power supply [3]over here, and it won our top award.


Friday News, December 23rd 2011

Wishing every one of our readers a very Happy Christmas!

When most people think of ASUS, they immediately think of the "ROG" product line, one that has set itself apart from the rest due to extensive functionality, and top-level overclocking ability. however, ASUS does have a few other products out there that offer the same, if not more, and the ASUS P9X79 Deluxe that recently arrived on our doorstep is definitely one of those products. Boasting ASUS's improved "Dual Intelligent Processors III" VRM design, the ASUS P9X79 Deluxe offers performance customization abilities that few other products do, easily setting it apart form the rest.

That is when the new low profile Sapphire HD Radeon 6670 comes into play. This card is capable of playing back awesome video with the clearest of audio and at the same time can even game (well to a certain extent). But what most of you will like is what I mention in the first sentence of this paragraph, this card is a low profile single slot unit that can be placed in almost any rig.

Today we have a Radeon HD 6950 from our good friends at Club3D. It may look standard, but it is basically identical to their patented CoolStream card, but comes with Battlefield 3 included. CoolStream is the cooling technology behind Club3D's graphics cards, and as we've seen in other reviews of their cards, it really is a great cooling solution, so we're eager to see how this card performs.


Trine 2 is a side-scrolling action-puzzle game that features gorgeous aesthetics and fluid game mechanics. Trine 2, much like the original title, allows players to control one of three characters at a time but have now also expanded the multiplayer aspect to allow online co-op. Players can choose between playing as Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight or Zoya the theif and switch mid-game to solve puzzles by utilizing each character's unique talents. While Trine 2 does not have a 3D Vision profile rating yet while playing with the latest 290.36 beta GeForce drivers installed, the stereoscopic 3D effects nevertheless works spectacularly.

The introduction of Intel's X79 chipset with its quad-channel memory controller coincides nicely with historic lows in memory prices. Corsair's recently introduced "Vengeance" line of peripherals includes products as diverse as headphones, mice, and even memory. Representing a lower-cost alternative to their "Dominator" memory line, Vengeance memory is offered with both high and low profile heat spreaders and several different speeds and timings. Benchmark Reviews tests the 1600MHz C8 16GB quad-channel low profile Vengeance kit against an assortment of other memory in this test.

Today we are taking a look at a Kingston SSD disk that I was able to get for quite cheap a few weeks back, my main rig is lacking a SSD so I thought why not do a review on this also? The average price for this Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD is around 230-250$. I was able to pick it up for about 130$ so lets find out what kind of performance we can expect from this drive.

It be a glorious day for many people around the world, and I'm not just talking about Christmas here. A game that many have been waiting for has finally arrived, from a galaxy far far away… Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game marks a pivotal moment for BioWare as its first MMORPG, so read on for our initial review.

Technology enthusiasts can be a jaded bunch – even with Xmas cheer filling the air and a selection of stockings waiting for a jolly good stuffing – the opportunity to win a graphics card or stick of memory, might not ‘do it’ for you. But this prize just might!



AMD 7000 Series GPU’s, 7970 3GB

AMD 7000 Series GPU's, 7970 3GB Previews and Reviews

Many thought that AMD's latest card based on a 28nm process would be out for Christmas, but alas we have to wait till the begining of the new year for the 7970 3GB to start hitting shelves. That hasn't stopped AMD giving hardware to a few sites to review and preview the card. One thing I would say is, despite the obvious performance increase the 7970 3GB brings (it's about 5%+ faster than a 580) keep in mind that you'll want a high resolution setup to make the most of it, and other 28nm parts from both AMD and NVIDIA will start appearing between now and March. As always, we'll keep the list below update with new articles as we get them.

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