Arctic Cooling Z2 Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm Review

z2-1The Arctic Cooling Z2 Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm with USB Hub mounts to the edge of your desk and supports up to two 27" screens. It offers three stage articulation from it's dual arms, and it won't break the bank either.


Having multiple computers in the household is not an unusual thing these days. Sometimes, you want your own Personal Computer, or you have multiple computers for multiple tasks. Likewise, multi-screen setups are not unusual in the home, and certainly not unusual in the workplace. With AMD Eyefinity and NVIDIA Surround promoting the excellent multi-monitor gaming we are seeing multiple screens as less and less of a niche than ever before.


If you're a PC enthusiast, it's also possible that you've accumulated a second monitor as part of your upgrade process, so with graphics cards making it easier than ever to use more than one screen, why not take advantage of it?


This is where 's latest product comes in. The provides a desk edge pole, dual arm mount with three stage articulation for up to two 13" to 27" VESA mounted screens. The benefits of a monitor arm over using the standard supplied monitor stand are many-fold; 360 degree access, increased desk space, simple ergonmic comfort and versatility of the screen position being just some. Being able to do it for two monitors just doubles the attraction. Let's get it out of the box and see what the is all about.




LCD/TFT screen size 13" to 27"
VESA standard 75 / 100
Capacity 10 kg / 22 lbs x 2
Tilt + / – 15o
Swivel 360o
Rotation 360o
Column height 410 mm
Distance to the column 113-413 mm
Limited Warranty
Dimensions (Packaging) 550 (L) x 241 (W) x 86 (H) mm
Net Weight 4.60 kg
UPC Black: 0872767004535
Silver: 0872767004542
itemnumber ORAEQ-MA004-GBA01
Gross Weight 5.4 kg


box1 box2

The box for the Arctic Cooling Z2 Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm with USB Hub is, as you would imagine, quite large and heavy. The front (or top) shows you all of the pertinent details up front and also gives you a nice image of the arm in use with two monitors. We received the Black version from Arctic Cooling, however the box image showed a Silver arm; Arctic Cooling sell the Z2 in both Silver or Black with the colour indicated on the box front. As always with Arctic Cooling's packaging, the rear provides more information in a multi-lingual format.


box3 box4 box5

Opening the box, you can see that everything is neatly packed and held in place with simple cardboard separation. All of the packaging is recyclable.


contents1 contents2

Included with the Arctic Cooling Z2 Desk Mount Dual Monitor Arm with USB Hub are a multi-section bag with various screws, bolts, nuts and similar items, and a single sheet .


box6 box7 box8

You will also find a small white box which contains the 4 port USB Hub. The Hub is a simple black box that fits over the mounting pole and sits at the base on your desk. The Hub is not powered, other than by the originating USB socket. Arctic Cooling provide over a metre of cable for you to connect the Hub to your PC with.


shaft2 shaft1

Being a desk edge mount, the Z2 has a supporting pole that attaches to your desk edge via a simple clamp. I'd like to point out here that everything feels solidly constructed, which is reassuring when the entire thing is going to be supporting 2 of your monitors!


arm2 arm3 arm4 shaft7

The dual arms themselves are the heaviest part (in total, I weighed the completed mount at 4.5Kg without screens) but very solid. Starting in the centre, there is a lockable thumbscrew which is used to lock the arm to the pole once mounted.


wire-eye1 installcables

Under the first joint or elbow, there is a split loop for supporting the cabling that runs to the screens. Likewise, at the second joint there is another split loop.


vesa1 tension1

The third has the VESA mount and another thumbscrew for locking the monitors orientation into place. The VESA mount rotates 360 degrees, is angled and supports both VESA 75 and VESA 100. Each of the elbows can be tensioned with the supplied Hex Key, although I found that the arms were acceptably tensioned already.



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