Friday News, October 28th 2011

The new RevoDrive 3 up the ante and operates on greater bandwidth x4 PCIe slots allowing for increased performance. This new model according to OCZ allows read/write times up to 1000MB/s and 925MB/s respectively and 130k IOPS depending on the size of the drive. Numbers like this makes snails out of any SATA-based solid state drives. The RevoDrive 3 is available in three different sizes 120GB, 240GB and 480GB. We will be testing the 240GB model with 1000MB/s and 900MB/s read/write times.

What we will be doing today is having a bit of a showdown between the AMD FX-8150 and the new Intel Sandy Bridge Flagship i7 2700k, and whilst we're aware of which will come out on top, we're more interested to see by how much, and that's why we're putting the i7 2700k through its paces.

The EVGA Z68 FTW joins an elite group of motherboards aimed at satisfying the needs of overclocking, gaming and hardware enthusiasts. While this group is small by comparison the things they look for in a motherboard can be rather specific and often difficult to plan for.

Sapphire are AMD’s largest graphics partner and today we are looking at something very special – the new HD6970 Sapphire Flex with Vapor X cooler, which not only comes with a proprietary cooling solution, but with a free copy of the brand new Battlefield 3 game. This will be a strictly ‘limited edition’ release on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Have you read our full review and watched the interview with Sapphire Global PR Director Bill Donnelly? Then you will already be hunting high and low to land yourself one of the new, limited edition discrete cards!

At its annual tech summit held a couple of weeks ago, ASUS talked in great detail about what's coming to its X79 mobo line-up. Certain NDA's have not yet lifted, but we can talk about a few of the new things ASUS is introducing, and also take an early look at four of the company's X79 motherboards.