Scythe announcing 3 new Rev. B CPU Coolers for socket LGA 2011

Japanese cooling expert Scythe has today announced the revision of the popular CPU Coolers Scythe Mugen 3, Mugen 3 PCGH and Ninja 3. Scythe has upgraded the CPU Coolers to Rev. B. Users can easily differentiate the new version from the old ones by the added suffix “Rev. B” in the names: Mugen 3 Rev.B, Mugen 3 Rev.B PCGH and Ninja 3 Rev.B. New Revision B brings support to the recently announced Socket LGA2011 and therefore compatibility to Sandy Bridge-E CPUs.

All three Scythe CPU Coolers are utilizing the 4th version of Scythe’s Flip Mount Super Back-Plate (F.M.S.B.) allowing firm mounting for current sockets. Mainboards which are using the Socket R (LGA2011) are already equipped with a pre-installed backplate and do not require the Scythe Flip Mount Super Back-Plate. In this case a convenient and easy mounting is accomplished by attaching four screws directly to the socket which are then fixed using a small wrench. Required screws as well as wrench are part of the accessory supplied with Scythe’s Rev. B CPU Coolers.

Even though brand-new sockets are added to the compatibility list, prior sockets are still supported. Scythe is trying to keep the tradition of supporting prior sockets such as socket LGA775 and AM2 even for the new Rev. B CPU Coolers.
New Scythe Revision B CPU Coolers will be available and shipped starting next week. Suggested MSRP for the three models as following :

Mugen 3 Rev.B (SCMG-3100): 36,00 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX)
Mugen 3 Rev.B PCGH (SCMG-3PCGH): 42,00 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX)
Ninja 3 Rev.B (SCNJ-3100 ): 36,00 EUR (excl. VAT/TAX)



Mugen 3 Rev. B Data Sheet
Mugen 3 Rev. B high-resolution pictures

Mugen 3 Rev. B PCGH Data Sheet
Mugen 3 Rev. B PCGH high-resolution pictures

Ninja 3 Rev. B Data Sheet
Ninja 3 Rev. B high-resolution pictures

About Scythe
Scythe is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CPU coolers, graphic card coolers, fans, fan controllers, power supplies, cases and other PC accessories. Operating since November 2002, is headquartered in Tokyo (Japan) and has offices in Oststeinbek (Germany), Los Angeles (USA) and Taipei (Taiwan).



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