Thursday News, October 13th 2011

The Solid State Drive industry has been rolling ahead at an incredible pace this year, with many companies releasing a range of performance drives for demanding enthusiast users. OCZ have been at the forefront of this market, with a portfolio of quality drives targeting a wide audience. Today we are looking at their latest product – the OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB, which is a combination of Solid State and mechanical drive technology … at a very exciting price point.

Today we are looking at the A-Data S511, which is a SandForce based drive using Synchronous flash. However, it is priced much lower than other Synchronous SandForce drives, which may make it a compelling option.

Paul chats with Tom Petersen, Director of Technical Marketing for NVIDIA to discuss SLI technology and the challenges involved in making this technology work on platforms designed by NVIDIA's main GPU competitor. Hear Tom's answers to most of the questions that enthusiasts are looking for in terms of NVIDIA's take on AMD's latest FX platform and processor technology.


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