Power strips. Everyone needs them at some point, and there are a ton of them on the market with every feature under the sun. But what if you just want something simple, to get a few outlets into a cabinet from your UPS? Here we take a look at a basic 1 RU PDU from APC.

First Impressions:

Item: APC AP9562
Manufacturer: American Power Conversion
Acquired: Purchase
MSRP: $79.99
Verdict: Good, solid, basic rack mount PDU.

The APC AP9562 ships in a typical APC brown box, nicely packaged, with the PDU protected in another layer of cardboard inside the sturdy shipping box. The PDU comes with the standard warning flyer, mounting instructions, vertical and horizontal rack ears and screws, and a built in 12 foot power cord.

All components are a block powdercoat finish, with an APC logo on the front of the unit, and 10 NEMA 5-15R power connectors on the back. The reset button for the circuit breaker is also located on the back of the unit.

The temperature / humidity probe that we are also testing is the same size and shape as the standard temperature probe.

Physical Installation:

The AP9562 is very simple to install. About the only choices you need to make are do you want to mount it vertically or horizontally, and whether you want the power outlets facing towards the front or back of the rack. We mounted our units horizontally as we had plenty of room in the cabinet we put them in, and we oriented the ears so that the power outlets would face the back of the cabinet. Installing the ears is simple. The unit ships with 2 vertical mount ears and 2 horizontal mount ears, along with a handful of the small black machine screws that you use to attach the ears.

The horizontal mounting ears use 2 screws at each end. The screws are small, but they go into a previously drilled and tapped hole on the ends of the PDU. This helps prevent the screws from stripping out the holes and causing the unit to be loose in the rack.

Once the ears are attached, you can use the 2 rack mounting screw holes in each ear to fasten the unit to your rack or cabinet. We had no problems attaching the units to Chatsworth telco racks, APC Cabinets or HP cabinets. The rack screw holes on the ears are fairly large, allowing for a good amount of adjustability while lineing up the mounting screws.

Configuration and Operation:

There really isn’t anything to configure on the AP9562 unit. It is truly plug and play. Operation is just as simple. Plug your PDU into an outlet, then plug your devices into the PDU. Everything should work fine.


The APC AP9562 is, as we said at the start of this review, a simple device. However, it is also a well executed device that offers nice features such as your choice of mounting orientation. We can easily recommend the APC AP9562 to anyone who needs a simple rack mount PDU that won’t break the bank.