was created by a group of server and network engineers who were tired of not being able to find information on products that they need to use on a day to day basis. It’s easy to find reviews of desktop computers, video cards and digital cameras, but it’s not easy to find reviews of the big products used in server rooms and closets. At least it hasn’t been until now.

We’re planning on bringing you reviews of everything from datacenter flooring to environmental monitoring systems. And since we understand how much stress relief is needed when keeping equipment up and running 24/7, we’re going to bring you some reviews of toys and gadgets to help you blow off that steam.

So who are we? Here is a quick list:

  • Andras Bellak
    Andras is the founder of His background includes over 10 years of professional IT experience as a Network Engineer, Server Engineer and in IT Management. He’s designed and built several large server rooms over the past 10 years and designed and installed more network closets than he cares to remember. If he had time for hobbies he’d enjoy working on old cars, and working with home theater equipment. He currently lives in Chula Vista with his wife and twin daughters.
  • Ken Son
    Ken is our Technical Editor, and resident Unix guru. Over the past 10 years Ken has worked as a server administrator for Ford, Chrysler and Merit Networks. He currently is Senior Unix Systems Engineer for Wireless Facilites in San Diego. His spends his spare time working with laser display systems. He lives with his family in Cardiff by the Sea.
  • Matt Goff
    Matt, our lead Technical Reviewer, is another jack of all trades, with experience working in server engineering, network design and deployment and IT management. He’s worked at a wide range of companies, but most predominately in the financial sector. He’s currently prepping for his CCIE, and lives with his wife in Encinitas.
  • Doug Lawson
    Doug is our network equipment specialist. He has been working in corporate environments as a network engineer, designing and running local and wide area networks, and handling network security and troubleshooting for wired and wireless enterprise networks. He lives with his wife and kids in Chula Vista.

We also have a contingent of reviewers and feature writers who’s names will be added to this list shortly, but all are hands on networking and server guys who will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of whatever they are reviewing.