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Connect a 240x128 LCD to a LPT-port: This tutorial explains how to connect a DataVision graphic LCD display to your LPT port by using a LPT-cable and some soldering skills.
Date: May 16, 2003
Catagory: How-To
Website: (Dutch Version )
Written By:

Disclaimer: You will need some understanding of circuitry and wiring for this project. The writer of this article is not liable for any damage or injury resulting from improper use of this information. Images in the article were used with permission from the writer.

This tutorial explains how to connect a DataVision graphic LCD display to your LPT port by using a LPT-cable and some soldering skills.

In this example I will use a DataVision 240x128pixel Graphic LC-Display, but when you use a good connection-scheme, it will be possible to use this method to connect several brands of LCD displays like those made by Nan-Ya and Hyundia.

On the Dutch website , there is a where you can find a lot of links to where the datasheets of LCD displays are collected.

The DataVision 240x128pixel LCD

For the connection of the LPT-cable to the LC-Display you will need the following materials:

- A LCD display
- A LPT cable
- A soldering iron and solder wire
- Shrink tubing
- A hobby knive
- A pair of pliers
- Three resistors, 1/4watt 10 ohms, 12 ohms and 18 ohms
- Two potentio meters 1 kohm and 10 kohm
- One 100nF condensator
- One press button

The materials needed to make the connection

Preparing the LPT Cable

When you have collected all these materials, it is time to start the project.

A picture of the opened 25pins male connector which we will leave as it is

The choice of LPT cable is very important, in this example Iíve choosen for a 25-pins male cable (PC-side) to 36-pins Centronics (LPT-side). Iíve choosen this type of cable since the pin-housing is fairly easy to open, which enables you to see the colours and the pin numbers on the connector. This will make things a lot easier later on when Iíve to solder the wires to the LCD display.

On the other side of the LPT cable I opened the 36-pins Centronics connector in the same manner, and with a soldering iron I've loosened all the wires carefully from the connector.

Please note that all wires have to be removed from the connector.

Now I have a cable which has a 25-pin male LPT connector, and on the otherside 25 coloured wires.

The Wiring Diagram

Now is the cable ready to be connected to the LC-Display. But first we need a wiring diagram. Through the earlier mentioned Ďlist with links to LCD informationí on Iíve found a (Dutch) website , where we will find some good designed wiring diagrams for several brands of LC-Displays.

On that website I found also this wiring diagram...

...and for the back light part:

The above drawn diagrams are made by Zotty, on the left hand side is the connection to the LPT-port and on the right hand side the connections to the LCD display.

The smaller diagram is for the controller of the back light.

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