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Mouse Grips Mouse Grips: Got sweaty or greasy palms? Sure, you can wear gloves while mousing, but we have a look at a much nicer solution.
Date: April 27, 2004
Written By:

A person's mouse has become more and more an essential part of their computer. What other piece of equipment allows you to accurately draw the curves in your picture, frag your friends, as well as point and click whatever you please. With all of the importance of a mouse today it is strange that very few products are released for them. The only products you ever see is either a mouse pad or a new mouse in general. Mouse Grips are entering into a very empty market of products for your mouse. Instead of replacing the mouse, why can you rejuvenate it a bit. Make it more ergonomic. Make it better...

The Product
Included with the product was a nicely written letter from Chris at Mouse Grips. Here is a piece of that letter, explaining the background of Mouse Grips.

"We've been testing this product for 10 months. We experimented with over 30 different kinds of textiles before choosing what we are currently using. The Neoprene material found in Mouse Grips is the highest quality Neoprene we could find. Conversely, it is also the most expensive. We decided to choose the best because we want people who use Mouse Grips to be happy with their new product."

The Mouse Grips shipped in a brown envelope, no fancy boxes here. Inside is a small paper label which encloses a plastic bag, which in turn, holds the Mouse Grips.

The Mouse Grips are stuck to a waxy paper, allowing for easy removal. As stated above, the Mouse Grips are made from high quality Neoprene. This gives them a soft grip and a small bit of cushion. They are about the thickness of a quarter. On the sticky side of them is a thin layer of a glue-like substance. I found the stickiness of the Mouse Grips to be just right. They stuck securely onto the mouse on various surfaces, but were easily removed. This easy removal allows you to adjust the Grip into just the right spot. Finding the right spot should not be too hard with the multitude of sizes/shapes included. As you can see, you get a lot of Mouse Grips in one package.


Installation of the Mouse Grips was a breeze. You simply peel the Grip off of the wax paper and stick it to wherever you want on the mouse. Simple as that. I liked how the packaging put it, "Peel them off and stick them on. There's no special way to install them. Just go with what feels good to you."

That is exactly what you do.

Stick them wherever feels good to you. The mouse I used them on was my Logitech MX700. I found this mouse to be very form fitting already, but the Mouse Grips seemed to make it even better. A couple of the Mouse Grips seemed to be almost custom cut to the MX700 as they just fit perfectly. This should be a surprise because of the large amount of selection you get with the Mouse Grips.

Mouse Grips are an interesting product to say the least. Most will toss it aside as a useless expense, which on one had it may be. Adding "grip" to you mouse may seem to be a pretty stupid idea. Once I actually gave it a try though I must say I was surprised. The product did exactly what it was supposed to. The Neoprene added some comfort level to my mouse as well as some grip. One added benefit is that it is also a lot easier to tell where your hand is on your mouse. I have been half-asleep sometimes and grabbed it the wrong way, but no more. The stickiness of the Mouse Grips was perfect. Just sticky enough to stay on the mouse without falling off, as well as not sticky enough to form a permanent bond. Added to this you get enough Mouse Grips in one package to do a couple of mice.

Pros: Awesome grip, adds comfort to your mouse, just the right amount of stick, enough to do multiple mice

Cons: Annoying if put in wrong place

Bottom Line: I found the Mouse Grips to be an awesome product. Although not all that needed, they add extra grip and a bit of a cushioned feeling to your mouse. The added value of being able to do multiple mice with one package makes this an awesome product.

If you have any comments, be sure to hit us up in our forums.

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