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MSI GF4 MX440-T8X: This is our second look at the GeForce 4 MX440 AGP8x part, but this one differs from past cards as it's designed to fit in tight spaces. The card is half the height, but how's the performance?
Date: February 5, 2003
Catagory: Video Cards
Written By:


We added the Villagemark benchmark simply to test one feature, Occlusion Culling, or hidden surface removal. This trick is a good idea because, why render something you cannot see? No point in slowing the game down needlessly.

1024x768, No AA

The benchmark was designed with the Kyro II in mind, but most modern video cards have some form of this optimization. The MX440-T8x lags behind its brother by quite a bit, but overclocking it helps power it past the MX440-VTD8x at 1024x768.

1024x768, 4 x AA

Same trends as we saw without antialiasing, but no amount of overclocking is going to help the MX440 get anything over 20fps.

Jedi Knight II

Looks like Q3, uses the same engine as Q3, but the graphics have been overhauled, and huge environments are the end result. This, of course, will strain your system more than Quake 3 did.

1024x768 & 1600x1200, No AA

The game engine is CPU dependant, so we don't see much happening at the lower resolutions. At 16x12, the gap is larger, with the MX440-T8x overclocked taking the lead.

1024x768, 4 x AA

Turning on AA, we see the framerates take a huge hit across the boards. Other than using slower memory than the Titaniums, the slower clock speeds, and the 64MB onboard contributes to the loss in speed.

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