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Interview with FrozenCPU: FrozenCPU were nice enough to sit down for a chat with us, talking a little about themselves, and giving us their take on on manufacturers such as AMD, Intel, ATI and nVidia.

Date: March 30, 2004
Written By:

1. Tell our readers about yourself and the company that you run?
My name is Mark Friga Jr. and I established 4 years ago.
2. What kind of PC are you running at the moment?
I am currently running a Shuttle SS51G at the office. I run a SB61G2Rv XPC shuttle at my house.
3. Bottom line, why should a person choose FrozenCPU over your competition when it comes to purchasing PC items?
FrozenCPU was established nearly 5 years ago. We were definitely one of the pioneers in this marketplace. We tout ourselves as the largest selection of PC Modification Supplies, as we carry all and any PC Modification paraphernalia. We also still manufacture some of our own items as well. We currently have expanded our water cooling line and we have the largest US sales by volume for Swiftech and PolarFlo products. Others have tried to duplicate what we have done, one site in particular, however we won't mention names.
4. How has the enthusiast community and your customer base changed over the past 5 years? Do you feel that the surge in the enthusiast community is for the best, or has it spawned too much unoriginality and non-creativeness when it comes to PC mods?
I feel that "pc modification" has outgrown its grassroots following and is now entering the "commercial" stage. It's like when you find a good band that no one knows about and then boom it's all over pop radio. That is the best analogy I can come up with.
5. If FrozenCPU could only sell three items, given your best sellers, what would they be?
Universal Molex Pin Remover, Universal Molex Pin Remover and Universal Molex Pin Remover. LOL.
6. FrozenCPU has been in business for as long as I have been in the PC modification scene...Where do you see FrozenCPU in two or three years.
With the strong success FrozenCPU has had the last 4 years, we have decided to start dabbling a little bit in the wholesale market. We will have a sister site up soon to cater to the smaller shops out there, like the Plycons and So-Tricks etc.
7. How many people are helping you with day to day operations at FrozenCPU?
We have 10 employees in house, 1 in Wisconsin, 1 in Canada and one in L.A. We have 2x 2u Rackmounts, both Intel Based Solutions, Dual 2.8s 6 gig ram and raid r arrays, one server is live and one is a failover. We never are down.

8. What tech sites do you commonly visit?

Hardocp, Bit-tech, Viperlair, PimpRig, and VH.
9. If you could be anywhere, doing anything, what would it be?
I would be in Las Vegas playing Texas Hold 'Em at a 3-6 table.
10. I have always been impressed by the fact that your company is able to stock a wide variety of components, especially when it comes to watercooling. How do you determine which products to carry?
Popularity, ease of use and performance and of course aesthetics.
11. ATI or NVidia, who's card are you buying next year?
Nvidia all the way!!!
12. AMD vs. Intel, who's your choice?
I still like Intel!! I am not really opposed to either's performance. I think that performance is on par with one another. Personally, I like how easy socket 478 mounts.
13. Finally, since you took the time to answer all of our questions, why don't you ask us one, and throw in a plug or two for some things you are currently selling on your site that you feel our readers would be interested in.
Our new PowerRight Modular Power Supplies are the Hottest thing right now, we are selling 15-30 a day which is outrageous for a power supply. PSU modding has really hit the roof and is becoming hot. People seem to enjoy all our new molex/sleeving tools section on our website. Then again, I am just going by sales.

If you have any comments, be sure to hit us up in our forums.


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