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Chaintech Reloaded: New Orleans is known for Jazz, Cajun Food, and Mardi Gras; and this year was the site, at the DoubleTree Hotel, of Chaintech's first US press/media conference: Chaintech Reloaded.
Date: May 23, 2003
Catagory: Articles
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12:00 PM

For the next two hours, all of the guests gathered in a conference room in which the four companies at Reloaded made their presentations, all of which took approximately four hours.


From Left to Right: Simon Ho: President, Chaintech Worldwide; Daphne Su: VP of Sales and Marketing, Chaintech Worldwide; Cathy Liu: President of Chaintech America; Brennan Chow: Technical Manager, Chaintech America

NOTE: [to readers] Sorry for the poor image quality. Icrontic has a better image .

By far, Chaintech had the lengthiest presentation - and rightfully so, as it was their conference - they were footing the bill. The presentation started off with the well known blue pill/red pill choice; I guess it was kind of corny, but fitting. Chaintech then lead us through the "Time tunnel" - an abbreviated history of computing from EC1 (1960) through Chaintech's first motherboard, the 286-12.

The 286-12

It was kind of nice to see some old computers I hadn't thought about for a while - although I have a feeling most people just wanted the damn presentation to get going.

Chaintech's President, Simon Ho, walked us through Chaintech's HQ (located in Taipei), and Factory and testing facilities (located in Dong-Guan, China). Simon claimed that their factory has the capacity of 200,000 Motherboards and 250,000 VGA cards per month.

I believe Chaintech's primary goal for even having this conference was to get its name out. Simon showed 2002 and 2003 Q1 sales revenues, and expressed his interest in climbing out of a Tier 2 manufacturer position. He also spoke of the "Late PC Era" versus the "Post PC Era" - the (supposed) shift that technology is taking now.

Unbeknownst to me, Chaintech has also been setting their sights on more than just motherboards and VGA cards. They presented their DBS-2000, DBS-1000, DST-1000FTA, D-A-DTT-1000, iMO-DESK PC and LCD-PC. Whoo, that's a lot to take in. The DBS units are digital satellite converters.

The DBS-2000 is a bit larger than its smaller brother, the DBS-1000 But other than that, there seems to be no difference between the two (although not much detail was given for many of these items.)

The DST-1000FTA and D-A-DTT-1000, both are TV-Tuner cards, however the DST-1000FTA is specifically for digital [satellite] programming, and the D-A-DTT-1000 is for both digital and analog programming - the first of its kind!

Finally we come to the iMO-DESK PC and the LCD-PC. The iMO is what is referred to as a desk-note - a desktop replacement in the form of a notebook. Although Chaintech didn't want to reveal much, we were able to find out that the iMO will feature a 6-in-1 card reader, use (a) motherboard(s) with desktop chipsets, and therefore support desktop CPUs. It may also feature a Xabre600 or Nforce2 chipset, with possible VGA enhancements. The iMO can also support a 3.5" hard drive - the kind found in most desktops. Looks quite promising if Chaintech can pull it off without somehow letting the thing burn your legs off due to heat dissipation. The LCD-PC utilizes the same LCD as the iMO, and Chaintech hinted that the LCD could be modularly switched between the iMO and LCD-PC. The design, however, would be different from that pictured in this article.

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