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Chaintech Reloaded: New Orleans is known for Jazz, Cajun Food, and Mardi Gras; and this year was the site, at the DoubleTree Hotel, of Chaintech's first US press/media conference: Chaintech Reloaded.
Date: May 23, 2003
Catagory: Articles
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Chaintech Product Line

It was now time to expand upon what most of the attendees of the conference were eager to learn about - Chaintech's Motherboards and VGA solutions. Although a bit off topic and perhaps even kooky, the colors of the different motherboards were stressed quite a bit, and were later used in the day to quiz some randomly selected attendees. Remember, Yellow is K7, Blue is Canterwood, Orange is K8.

Chaintech also elaborated on how exactly their product lines were designed. Quite simply, Zenith is the highest end product they make, Apogee is their best bang for buck, and Summit is their budget or "cost-effective" line. However, their high end VGA line is Apogee. Chaintech didn't have a rock-solid answer for their reasoning behind using Apogee instead of Zenith for the product naming of their high end VGA card - they sort of hovered between reserving the prowess of Zenith for very high quality motherboards, and also hinted that perhaps there could be a Zenith VGA card, which would be an improved version of the Apogee.


The Zenith line is the highest quality, and highest priced product line. The Zenith motherboards are made specifically for those who are willing to pay for the extra features and control (overclocking, etc.) You may also be pleased to notice that the connectors on the Zenith motherboards are 24 Karat gold plated.

There are quite a few things bundled with the Zenith motherboards: The CBOX3, Handigator, Round Cables, 5-Language Manual, EZ (Lazy) Manual, DigiDoc utility (AMD Platform Only), APOGEE OC Utility (Intel Platform Only), and a nifty included screwdriver.

We also got a look at the up-and-coming Canterwood board from Chaintech.

Remember, it's blue

The CBOX3 is the Communication Box, revision 3. It has a ton of features, and interchangeable faceplates.

Along with the CBOX3 comes the HandiGator, an IR Remote Controller.

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