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Office XP with Integrated Service Pack 1 + 2, aka Slipstreaming

Date: November 5, 2002
Manufacturer: N/A
Written By:

There are some additional updates released since we've written this article back in February 2002. The following should be run as well...

Simply click on the links above, and download the executible on the page to a safe spot on your hard drive. Applying these patches is identical to the Office XP Alternative User Input.

Or, you can just install Service Pack 2, which includes all of the above.

Service Pack 2

The reason why we retained the previous patch instructions is because not everyone is an early adopter of service packs, and may choose to delay installing it. Other than the above, SP2 addresses some addition security and bugs reported this past summer.

Note: If you have not installed SP1, no need to worry as SP2 contains ALL previous fixes and service packs. You will have to download the , which weighs in at a hefty 50MB. If you've already slipstreamed SP1, don't worry, you can slipstream SP2 into the SP1 installation.

Run the command "x:\oxpsp2a.exe" from the "Run" menu, where "x" is equal to the drive letter where you downloaded the admin install, or just double click on the install file. This will pop up the EULA for the update. Click "Yes" and choose a folder (we created an "admin" folder) to extract to.

You should have two files located in the directory you extracted to. A large file that is named MAINSP2ff.msp, which updates core components for Office XP, and a smaller one called Owc10SP2ff.msp, which updates Office Web Components.

Start the "Run" command from your "Start" menu again. You'll have to enter the following:

msiexec /p x:\admin\MAINSP2ff.msp /a x:\office\proplus.msi shortfilenames=true /qb

Where "x" is the drive letter where the files are located. This will update the core components.

Once that is done, you'll need to update the web components. The instructions are identical as before:

msiexec /p x:\admin\Owc10SP2ff.msp /a x:\office\owc10.msi shortfilenames=true /qb

You can then reburn back to CD, and you're all set. I'd post screenshots and stuff, but that'd be redundant.

Update: You'll have to be aware that a lot of problems people are having is not using . Once you go down the administrative update path, you're pretty much stuck there. There have been a few post SP2 updates you should apply (which will also work on a standalone SP1 install)...

Simply click on the links above, and download the executible on the page to a safe spot on your hard drive. Applying these patches is identical to the Office XP Alternative User Input described on the previous page.

Final Words

The whole point of this exercise was to create a CD with Office XP with Service Pack 2. I know some may be thinking that this is a lot of work, but think of it in the long run. You'll now have a backup of your original CD, since I hear a lot of dubious stories like "I lost my originals!!", as well as a backup of your CD key. No longer will you need to apply Service Pack 1 and/or SP2 whenever you reinstall.

I suppose it wouldn't be right to leave it at that, so I ran the installation and have a few things to point out...

1) You will no longer need to enter in the CD key if you ever need to reinstall, but...

2) You will still need to activate (or reactivate) the product.

3) As of today (November 5, 2002), there are no additional hotfixes to apply.

I happened to be performing the steps outlined here as I wrote the article. Most of the above information is located on Microsoft's site, though applying post-SP1 patches took me a while to figure out. For those of you who may not know all the steps needed to do this combined service pack CD, I hope you'll find this guide useful. Stay tuned for a Windows XP Slipstreaming guide.

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