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Aerocool Lubic Case Aerocool Lubic Case: Not exactly a case like most people are familiar with, the Lubic sets itself apart by being as unique as YOU would like to make it.
Date: January 6, 2004
Written By:


User Experiences
I have mixed feeling about the Lubic. On the one hand I am absolutely pleased at the potential and freedom of this case. One of creations I made was shaped like a TV. I figured if I am going to use this case for my TV box, it may as well resemble a TV. You can make whatever you like.

On the other hand though this case is not the simplest to use. Do not expect to remove it from the box and be able to simply put you stuff in it. Some assembly required is a major understatement. I really regret not planning further; I just started screwing things together. For future reference planning would be a major step to take. The power switch was also a big letdown, simply adding some insulation to the back would solve a lot of problems.

The Lubic case simply put is totally different. In a world where pre-modded cases are becoming more and more popular it is nice to see something totally different. Constructing the case can be cumbersome, but if you enjoy assembling things you will have fun. I actually enjoyed figuring out how to make everything work on this case, asking sure I could mount all of my important items, etc.

The kit came with more than enough materials to build a case. I had quite a few baggies of screws and sliders left over after I finished building my case, so not to worry. I do however think that in order to make some more extravagant cases out of the Lubic you need more selection of parts. Different sized rails in particular. I think the 3519 series kit is just too hard to really make anything beside a box because you only have the two sizes of rails. The 4480 series case includes 5 different rails as opposed to the 3519's 2. The different sized rails really allow you to put your creativity to action. However, the 3519 does allow you to build many different things. I ended up going with a box out of simplicity, but if I had the time my TV design would defiantly be interesting to do.

This case is probably not the best case for you main rig. The openness of the case does worry me about spills, pets, etc. It is good however for someone who just likes playing with things. Someone who can sit for hours and just try and make things work. The Lubic case has endless potential; it just needs someone to unleash it.

Extremely innovative and original, fun to play around with, a lot of parts (little chance of running out)

Harder to put together, power switch, finish on parts scratches easily

Bottom Line
I will say it again; this case is as good as you make it. The Lubic has the potential to be a really cool case. Some aspects like the power switch could use some redesigning, but all in all I liked this package.

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