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asetek WaterChill Antarctica Kit asetek WaterChill Antarctica Kit: We take look at asetek's WaterChill paired with their newest Antarctica water block.
Date: July 2, 2004
Written By:

WaterChill Antarctica CPU Block
The water block included with the kit is the newly release Antarctica water block. This block features an all copper base with a machined acrylic top. asetek included two different acrylic top plates for the water block, one being universal and the other being specifically for Socket A systems. The Antarctica block uses the push on quick connect fittings and utilizes three of them. As stated earlier, the center port is a water inlet port. Placing this port here allows for the freshly cooled water to flow directly on top of your CPU die. The inlet water port is also squeezed into a long rectangular shape on the inside of the water block. This should help to cool the whole area of the CPU more effectively. The water flows right into a series of machined grooves in the copper base, which should help create some turbulence. Flanking the water inlet is the two water return fittings. asetek uses two water outlets to balance the water inside of the water block. If they were to only put one water return port beside the water inlet, their would inevitably be stagnant water inside of the water block, thus hindering cooling. Using the two water outlets should help balance this out.

The base of the water block is machined very nicely to a mirror like finish. There are very apparent machine marks on the base of the water block, but as you can see in the picture, it is extremely smooth and reflective.

asetek packages a Black Ice Pro radiator with this WaterChill kit. The Black Ice radiator is well known for their excellent performance. This model is the single 120mm edition. The radiator, like all other components in the system, uses the quick connect fittings.

The pump included with the WaterChill kit is the Hydor L30. This pump is rated at 1200L/H with a maximum height of 6.4'. Obviously the pump will not pump as much water going 6.4' feet as it would 2' so keeping your tubing to a minimum is an advantage in any water cooling setup.

The reservoir included with the WaterChill is asetek's Plexiglas reservoir. This reservoir features an aluminum base with an acrylic top. One water inlet and outlet are positioned at 90 degrees from each other. asetek recommends attaching the reservoir directly to the pump with a short piece of tubing, and even includes a bracket for this mounting method.

Control Unit
asetek includes their WaterChill control unit which includes their SafeStartTM and NoiseControlTM. Basically you connect your fan for your water cooling kit to this control module. There is a jumper on it which controls if your fan runs at 7v or 12v, 7v being default. This WaterChill control unit also handles the powering on of the pump in the system. By connecting the power cord run through to the control unit, and plugging in a small power cable, the control unit is able to power on the pump as soon as you hit the power button on the computer.

asetek included 10 feet of ½ inch tubing. This seems to be high quality tubing, not kinking very easily, and it is not very flimsy.

One thing that Hubert was impressed with his WaterChill kit was the manual. It was a very nicely printed book which covered all aspects of the install. Well it seems that asetek has dropped the ball a bit with the new manual. The manual is just a computer printout folded in half to form a book; there are not even any staples down the side. The manual is however fairly well written and very informative. Some aspects of the manual did not coincide with the WaterChill kit I am reviewing (one standard manual for multiple kits?) but for the most part it was helpful.

Accessories and Other Components
asetek includes everything you will need to install this water cooling kit. Included in the accessory bag was a collection of screws for mounting the various components to your case as well as the required screws for the water block. Also included is a 25ml bottle of anti-algae fluid, which is good for 4 liters of water cooling fluid. asetek also includes a small tube of thermal paste.


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