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Cooler Master Aero 7 Socket-A: Cooler Master kicks out a new AMD cooler, which uses a different kind of fan than most people are accustomed to. The performance of the package was quite surprising.
Date: April 7, 2003
Catagory: Cases & Cooling
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Anyone who knows me will know that I like my gadgets and am always willing to look at new ideas on old designs. What doesn't impress me though is when the new design is more of a gimmick than an actual aid. With CPU's pushing out a lot of heat, manufacturers have recently gone back to the drawing board to alter the design of HSF's in an effort to increase efficiency and so aid in cooling.

It's always a good thing to have a decent HSF assembly on your CPU, and whilst CPU manufacturers supply HSF's with the CPU, many people prefer to buy there CPU without it and purchase a third party cooling solution which usually performs a lot better.

is one such company designing and marketing third party HSF's of a very high quality, and today we have there latest design to look at, the Aero7. As you will see, the fan assembly is of a very different design when compared to the majority of the rest of the market, and the entire package has a lot of features aimed to provide you with the best combination to help cool your CPU. Let's hope this new design is not a gimmick:). Thanks go out to for providing us with the Aero7.


No review would be complete without the ripped from the website specifications and features.

o Fan Dimension: 70 x 70 x 70 mm
o Rated Speed: 1900~4500 rpm
o Air Flow: 10.9~26.9 CFM
o Rated Voltage: 7~13.8V
o Heat Sink Dimension: 71 x 71 x 38 mm
o Heat Sink Type: Copper Skived Fin
o Socket Type: A, 370, 462
*Air Pressure: 2.9~20.3mmH2O


Blower's newest design lets the cooler blow towards the centre of the heat sink.
More powerful blowers produce larger air pressure than traditional axial fans.
External fan speed adjustment on PCI and 3 1/2" bracket allows user to set the desire fan rpm (1900~4500) without opening up the chassis.
Aero 7 is for Socket A, 370, 462, 7 and it uses copper skived fin design.
Multilingual Installation Guide included.

Let's take a closer look, and see if this design of radial fan will help in to combat troublesome heat.

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