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Cooler Master Cavalier 4 Cooler Master Cavalier 4: If you're looking for a case to house that HTPC, we look at something that shouldn't be ignored.
Date: June 24, 2004
Written By:

Both sides of the case have venting holes. The left side allows for airflow to the 80mm fan which will be looked at further on, whereas on the right side the vent holes just provide airflow to a 3.5 device. The top of the case also includes venting holes, these being positioned above where the CPU would usually reside. This design should allow for some extra airflow to the heat sink and fan on the CPU providing better cooling.

To the rear of the case from left to right is the proprietary power supply (that's right, proprietary), ATX back plate with two 40mm exhaust fans above it, and seven expansion slots.


Starting at the front on the left hand side is the sideways facing front intake fan. This fan coincides to the vent holes on the left side and should be adequate as an intake. Next to this is the removable mounting cage for the two external 3.5 devices. To remove the 3.5 cage all you do is press the silver snap on the top and pull towards the back of the case. The snap does hold the cage very securely, so vibration should not be an issue.

Next to the 3.5 cage is the mounts for two external 5.25 inch devices. The case height would allow for three devices, but as shown in the picture, if three devices were to be installed, the lowest one would defiantly hit the motherboard on wider motherboards. Kudos to Cooler Master for seeing this, and setting the bottom 5.25 inch device high enough to clear any caps on the edge of your motherboard. On the far right edge of the 5.25 inch mounting cage is a vertical 3.5 device mount.

No removable motherboard tray is included with the case as you can see in the bellow pictures. There is adequate amount of room inside the case to easily mount a motherboard though. Two exhaust fans sit at the back just above the ATX back plate. Allow small, these fans seem to push a fair amount of air at a reasonable sound level. Also shown are the connectors for the front panel audio and USB. Its nice to see that Cooler Master decided to use more of a molded connector instead of putting all the wires separate, should make setting up your system in the case a bit easier.

Shown here is the proprietary power supply. The power supply included with the case is a no-name 300W power supply. This could cause problems down the road, as usually at least a 400W power supply is recommended for enthusiast systems. I would have preferred to see a standard ATX power supply mount here, as the proprietary power supplies are always a pain to find a replacement for if it ever goes. The included power supply has a vertically mounted fan on the side of it, adding more in exhausting air from the rear of the case. One thing the power supply does include though is two SATA power connectors which is a plus.

Shown below is a chart of the voltages from the power supply included in the case. As you can see in the chart voltages a low across the board, most voltages being at least 0.15v lower than specification. These lower voltages, although not too bad, may hinder any overclocking in the future. Another thing to note, although not on the chart is that the negative leads were all about 0.15v over specification.


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