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CoolerGiant EG485P-VHB SFMA PSU CoolerGiant EG485P-VHB SFMA PSU: We take a look at a 480W PSU, backed by a name enthusiasts trust.
Date: May 10, 2004
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Coolergiant has been making power supplies under the Enermax name for years. Enermax has been probably the most well known PSU manufacture in the enthusiast community due to its hardy design, clean power, and features that work and are not useless. Today we look at one of their latest creates the EG485P-VHB SFMA which in the name denotes that it is a 485watt PSU, and this particular unit has a Sanyo Denki blower inside to aid in the ever present battle against heat.

Features and Specifications

SANYO DENKI blower inside: Unique 8cm blower directly exhausts heat from CPU, RAM, chipset, and graphic card to enhance system cooling effect.

Smart fan: After PC shuts down, cooling fans keep running for at least 2 minutes to effectively cool down parts and hardwares inside PSU and PC cases. Thus, ensure longer product life time of power supply and hardwares inside PC case.

Separate 12V rails: Independent 12V rails supply to MB/CPU and drives in order to provide stable and clean current to noise-sensitive devices, such as: CPU, add-on cards.Meet UL 240VA safety requirements

ATX 12V V1.3 compatible: Support latest P4 and Athlon 64 platforms. For P4 platforms use 865 (Springdale) & 875 (Canterwood) chipsets and even new P4 Prescott and AMD Athlon 64 or later CPU.

S-ATA connectors: Connect your system to the faster S-ATA interface for better performance.
Manual and automatic fan speed control : 8cm & 9cm fans automatically controlled by thermostat plus rheostat control over 8cm fan. Enable users to keep the balance between cooling effect and acoustic noise.

Extra Power connector:Extra 4-pin power connector provides high-end graphic card with stable current.

Reliability: OCP, UVP, OVP, OLP, OTP, and SCP circuits ensure system well-guarded from any dangers. Maximize safety for your hardware and valuable data.

Copper-shielding: Effectively reduces electro-magnetic interference that might affect MB and CPU from normal operation. (Valid for models with 370W and higher total power)

FM & FC functions: RPM signal of 8cm exhaust fan is provided; EG xxx AX-VE SFCA/FCA models allow MB to on/off control 8cm exhaust fan.

You can grab the rest of the .


The Coolergiant box is a good sized box made of fairly hardy construction which should be more than enough to keep this PSU safe. On the back, all the features are listed in English and German, and on the side it shows the special feature of the Sanyo Denki blower, and the different wattage PSU's of the same variety.

The unit we received was a sample shipped from Taiwan without a barcode, but all mass production products will/do have barcodes. The EG485P-VHB SFMA (P model) is a regular ATX power supply with voltage switch at the back. EG485AX-VHB (AX model) has the PFC function.

Inside the box it comes with 3 things, a smaller white box simply containing the AC plug, the user manual, and the PSU itself, which is massive! Comparing it to another PSU I had lying around came up with the result on the above right image.

As you can see the Enermax PSU is at least one inch longer than the other PSU. Also the girth is a few millimeters wider as well. This thing takes up space, no joke. Additionally it is very heavy, at least twice as heavy as the other PSU. In other words this PSU is tough. The brass must be around an eighth of an inch thick. Also the finish on the PSU is top notch, the pictures do not do it justice, and it is the kind of PSU that if is seen through a window looks impressive unlike lesser PSUs which normally one would try to hide.

The back of the PSU has a few things. The top left is the standard AC plug. Directly underneath that is the fan controller which also has emergency backup so if you set it to low and the PSU might overheat, it'll crank itself up automatically. Underneath that is the on/off switch, or as I like to call it the "kill switch" as it will turn off your computer immediately in those emergency situations (can we say electrical fire?). To the right is an exhaust fan, and then further right is the AC selector switch, for those living in different countries requiring 230V AC.

The otherside simply features all the plugs and an intake fan into the PSU.

And the bottom has the Sanyo Denki blower fan. So this PSU comes with a total of three. Two more than cheap PSUs and one more than many high end ones. The side shows the safety precautions and the correct operating conditions.

As always Enermax has a ton of plugs so that all your hardware can be hooked up easily without daisy chaining.

Here is a breakdown. First the two aluminum braided cables have the ATx motherboard connector, and the Extra connector (used for video cards and made with extra stable voltage), the P4 12V power connector, and an AUX power connector. The aluminum braid on the cables is VERY rigid and extremely hard to work with. Let's just say that cable management with those two cables proved to be very difficult.

Next we have three cables here shown cluttered together that should more or less power all your other parts. You can see the two SATA power cables in that picture.

Here is a quick breakdown of the rest. One cable has three 12v connectors most useful for all the HD's.

Then there are two cables show here each with only one 12v connector and an additional floppy connector on each. They are of different lengths to facilitate having to reach different distances in your case. Perhaps they could be used for your heatsink fan or case fans, or maybe that CD-rom drive that far away from your harddrives.

And lastly there is a three pin fan header connector which doesn't draw any power (seeing how it comes from the power supply itself) and is simply used to monitor fan speed.


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