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Chenming 602 ATX Case Chenming 602 ATX Case: We take a look at a case that has plenty of mod potential, as well as expansion options.
Date: May 5, 2004
Provided By:
Written By:

When it comes to building your own PC, one of the definitive choices to make your PC yours, is the case you choose. There is a vast selection of cases available today that encompass the basic to the extreme.
Today we will be looking at the Chenming 602 case, manufactured by and provided to us by . The Chenming 602 is not your basic case; they have integrated some nice features that get you started on personalizing your homemade PC. Let's take a look at what the Chenming 602 has to offer.


Case Type : Entry Level Server
Case Dimensions : Width = 8.1", Height = 20.6", Diagonal = 18.6"
Drive Bays :
Front Accessible : 5 x 5.25", 2 x 3.5"
Internal : 5 x 3.5" HDD
Main Board Size : ATX
Power Supply : ATX, PS2
Expansion Slots : 7
Front Connection Ports : Dual USB 2.0 Ports, IEEE 1394 Port, Audio Port
Cooling System : 4 x 80mm fans
  • 2 front
  • 2 rear
Material : 1.0mm Aluminum
Package Size : 3.4 Cubic Sheet

The Chenming 602 is very light, weighing in at a mere 15.87 lbs empty, it can be handled effortlessly. Everything you need to gain access is held in place by thumb screws, with the nice touch here being that the thumb screws are of sufficient size that you can actually turn them with your thumb.

The overall look of the Chenming 602 is that of a quality built and well designed case. There is no visible over painting and everything fits snug. There is a front cover protecting the Reset button and the front accessible drive bays. The Power button is accessible whether the front cover is opened or closed.

The bay's faceplates are easily removed by depressing tabs on either side, allowing them to be pulled out. On the backside of the 5.25" faceplates are the mounting rails for the drive bay (a trend I am noticing). The 3.5" drives are mounted in a separate rack that also is removed by depressing the tabson either side, making it easy for installation. Below the drive bays are the Front I/O connectors and a removable cover that hides the intake fans, although there are no fans included here.

The rear of the case sports the 2 80mm fans that remove air from inside the case, these fans are included, and the mounting bracket for the Power Supply, which was not included. The bottom of the case has feet that are adjustable to help you stabilize your case on a carpeted surface for example, at least that's how I used them. Finally on the left side of the case we see the Windowed Lockable Side Cover. Notice here that the missing intake fan that has become popular in the industry.


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