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Raidtronics Raidmax ATX-268WU & RaidMax 400W PSU: We take a look at a couple products from Raidtronics. How does this combo fare? Read on to find out.
Date: April 25, 2003
Catagory: Cases & Cooling
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    Most cases today have at least one feature that wasn't standard just a year or two ago.  Going down to my local computer shops I see cases with side panel windows, some with extra fan points, besides the standard front and back fans.  Others are not just made out of steel, materials such as acrylic, aluminum and others are now becoming more common in the construction of cases.  Some other options are front mounted devices, such as USB, Firewire, and sound.  Another feature that has become more mainstream and is one of the nicer features to include is the inclusion of thumbscrews for the case. 

    A very important computer part that has been lifted to a higher level of importance since the introduction of the AMD Athlon, is the power supply.  Currently 300Watt power supplies are at the low end of the power supply chain.  Many people are looking and using at least 350 watt power supplies, and more and more are picking up 400+ watt power supplies.  'Noname' power supplies are not as good as their name brand counterparts, even at the same wattage levels.  

    So with all these options how can you pick the right case?  Today we'll look at one case to see if it has the balance of features and cooling performance that set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Raidmax 268WU Case

    Today we will look at the Raidtronics Raidmax ATX-268WU case.  While the name doesn't exactly jump out at you how does this case look, does it have any of the features that make it stand out in  the crowded case arena?  Let us look at some pictures to see.  To look at more information on this case please look at .  

    The case itself arrived in a good amount of packing, with no physical damage to the case being visible.  The front of the case as well as both sides of the window are covered in a plastic which stops other objects from scratching the window or acrylic pieces during shipping.  The case itself looks pretty standard, apart from the blue paint job and the window on the side.  The back fan port is only a 60mm port which is extremely irregular, as most other cases I've seen have at least a cutout for a 80mm fan and in some cases even larger fans.  Once we move inside the case we see that there is a good amount of drive bays, with four 5 1/4" drive bays as well as six 3 1/2" drive bays, of which two are external ports. 

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