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XPCases Z-Alien Computer Case: It's spooky looking, it's aluminum, and it's itching to be modded... oh wait, it already is.

Date: April 12, 2004
Written By:

Would you in the right mind want to put a Ferrari engine in a Chevette? Probably not, so why would you want to put your computer in a substandard case. You know the kind, the one where the paint is all scratched up; it weighs a ton, and is as plain as can be. Many people decide to take the modding route, customizing their case to what they need. Adding new features, improving cooling, installing lights, LCD's, etc.

Now case modding is cool, but I know that I for one just don't have the time/resources to do anything really interesting. Enter the pre-modded case... the to be exact.

The Z-Alien features all the goodies you would probably put in yourself. Custom side-window, 120mm rear fan, 120mm front fan, hard drive cooling, front LCD temperature display, front USB, top USB/audio/firewire and many more features. It seems almost too good to be true. Added to all of this there is also 6 different colors to choose from, for color coordination of course. It almost feels too easy.

* Power Supply (Included) Specs
      -   500 Watt Max P4/AMD
      -   Supports: AMD, Pentium IV, Pentium III and Celeron
      -   Rear I/O Switch
      -   Cable-Tube-Tied Wires for neatness

* Compatible Main Boards
      -   ATX

* Computer Case External Dimensions
      -    Depth: 22.5"
      -    Width: 8.25"
      -    Height: 19"

* Drive Space
      -   5.25" Front Accessible Drives: 4 with Slide Rails
      -   3.5" Front Accessible Drives: 2
* Computer Case rear Expansion Slots: 7
* Computer Case Material: Super Light Weight, Heavy Duty High Grade Aluminum Alloy

* Computer Case Fans
      -   Front Intake Fans:
          1 Clear 80mm Quad LED Fan with dust filter
      -   Rear Exhaust Fans:
          1 Clear 120mm Quad LED Fan
      -   MB Side Panel Intake Fan:
          1 Clear 80mm Quad LED Fan with dust filter

* Built in Blue Thermal Monitor/Sensor
* Lighted Alien Eyes in Front Panel
* Alien Head Side Panel Window
* Automotive Quality Glossy Paint Finish
* Unique side panel close/lock position design
* Pre-configured color Quad LED fans to best match color of case
* Intake fans with removable/washable dust filters
* Top built in Dual USB 2.0 high speed ports
* Top built in IEEE 1394 Firewire port
* Top Audio In/Out ports
* Additional 2 front access USB 2.0 ports
* Patented Tool Less Design
* Accessories kit with tool less drive rails
* Tool Less Snap-On card holder for easy installation of PCI slots
* Removable HD cage
* Lockable Front Panel door for security and privacy
* Keys, screws and thumbscrews included
* AC Cord for Power Supply Included

* LED Fans color may differ with color of Z-Alien case or from that shown on Angle Images

The Case
Front Fascia
The front of the Z-Alien looks very Area-51ish. The name indeed is Z-Alien so it is only fitting that aliens are integrated into the case. The whole front appears to be one large molded plastic alien face. The eyes and forehead light up blue. The top section of the case is a drive bay door.

Opening the door reveals the four external 5.25" drives and the two external 3.5" drives. To the right of the 3.5" bays is the power button and reset switch. The power and reset buttons are both made from silver colored plastic. Even further to the right is the green power led, and amber IDE activity led.

A-Top includes covers for all of the drive bays. When it comes time to install a 5.25" device you must first pop off the front fascia. The covers then push into the case to be removed. You can then install your 5.25" device using the included metal sliders. The metal sliders use a screw less latching system, attaching to the bottom of the drive then snapping into the screw holes. I found the mounting of the rails on the device to be the best out off all the rails included with the case (there are three different types). They hold the device very solidly, but are still fairly easy to uninstall.

Sliding the 5.35" device is a little bit harder than it should be. I found that I had to rock the drive back and fourth for a bit in order to get it to slide in good. The 3.5"” devices use a similar mounting system. The rails for these devices though are made from plastic instead of metal, and only push into two screw holes on each side of the device. Although the plastic rails seemed to slide into the case a little bit better, I found them to be harder to keep on the drive. The rails being plastic can cause a problem as well. I installed the floppy drive a couple times and the rails already started to get chipped and scrapped from the metal case. Metal rails would be a better choice for these devices.

Under the door on the front is the front LCD. The LCD is hooked up to an included temperature sensor for mounting in your case at your discretion. The lower front fascia feature some fairly pronounced slats which should make for excellent air flow. Inside all of the slats is some very nice metal grill (looks like speaker grill). Should prevent you from sticking your fingers where they shouldn't be. To the left of the LCD is a small door which hides the two front USB ports. To the right of the LCD is a small lock to lock the front door.

The front of the case comes preinstalled with an 80mm LED fan. A removable washable fan filter is implemented to keep the dust bunnies from multiplying inside the case. In order to access this filter you must take off the whole front fascia, which although it just snaps out, it can be a bit of a pain.


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