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Aerocool Aeropower II Titanium PSU: Windows have appeared in PSU's, with acrylic covers for sale by many online retailers. But once again you can buy "pre-modded"from the factory PSUs. One such PSU we shall be looking at today, is from Aerocool.

Date: September 22, 2003
Supplied By:
Written By:

The 2 sides of the PSU are what will be seen the most and as such show off the insides via the blue acrylic windows. Since some users have also right hand side windowed panels on there cases, having the windows put on both sides of the PSU is a good addition and its nice to see Aerocool have thought of this (not to mention if your case requires you to install PSUs upside down, you will still be catered for).

At the rear we find another of the guarded blue LED fans, the power connector, an ON/OFF switch and also the Fan controller switch. Fan control extends to the three 4 pin molex system fans, bringing the total control from this switch up to 6 fans in total. Fans can be set to Auto, Low or Medium. The 3 internal fans run under automatic at 800-2500 rpm’s dependant on a temperature range from 0C to 60C.

There is an optional power output for the Aeropower II on some models, which my sample didn't include but you can see a picture of it above.

In use the PSU looks great, and I love the windowed appearance. There is just something retro in appearance about having proper windows rather than an acrylic cover. Now I've said before that I'm not usually one for the pimp-rig side of things but I am slowly being converted here lately, and this Aeropower II appeals for its non-OTT looks.

The blue acrylic mutes the glow from the fans, which isn't a bad thing, providing a soft blue glow to the interior of the PSU and the surrounding area; you won't be using this to light your case. Looks are such a subjective thing, and it's something you have to make your own mind up about, but I think that this PSU's looks are gorgeous. They give me a little bit of pimp without getting in your face about it, which I like ( I don't like the acrylic covered PSU's for the same reason I'm not a fan of acrylic cases, too much on display... guess I prefer to be teased?).

Sound wise is again another area where the Aeropower II comes out on top. Even with the fans running at full speed it is virtually silent. I don't have a dB meter so you'll have to settle for my description. I use water-cooling in my system along with a rheobus to control fans speeds, and since this system is in my bedroom and left on 24hrs a day, I do like it to be quiet.

The Vantec Stealth accommodated me before and indeed is a quiet PSU, but even when set to low speed, it cannot match the Aeropower II for silence with fans at high speed. I've not personally changed the Aeropower II from the automatic setting for personal use, and from a system cooling perspective it's putting out the same numbers as when the Vantec Stealth was installed, but it is doing this in virtual silence.

I can hear the air moving (just) but the fans themselves make no sound at all and this is at full speed. So far so good, the Aeropower II's statement of "See it without hearing it!" is holding up to be true. But this is secondary to the PSU's function which is to deliver a good clean, safe source of power to your system, so let's check out some numbers.

Test System

MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR: Barton 2500+ (supplied by ) @ 11.5x195 (2.24GHz), Corsair TWINX1024-PC4000 TWINX, Gainward GeForce 4 Ti4600, 80GB WD 8mb Cache drive.

PSU Powered perephirals: LiteOn 24x CDRW, Pioneer 10x DVD drive, Vantec NXP-301 Rheobus - 1 x 120mm Evercool fan, 1x Coolermaster NEON 80mm LED Fan, 2 x Coolermaster 80mm fans, 2x CCFLS (blue/red), Vantec EZ Swap, Hauppage TV Card, Highpoint SATA RAID card, USB Web camera, Artec USB Scanner.

For testing we took BIOS, Idle and Load results. BIOS results were taken from sitting in the BIOS, Idle from sitting in WindowsXP, and load results were taken whilst using all of the above at the same time (scanning a document, using the webcam, running a Q3 timedemo, watching TV, all fans set to full speed, CCFLs on, playing a music CD from the CDRW), the idea being to put as much of a load on the PSU as possible. MBM 5 was used to record the Idle and Load numbers as this provides current voltages along with the average, low and high results.

The AeroPower II puts out the best numbers I have personally seen. I'm used to seeing at least the 12v rail being a little under 12v (using Enermax, Vantec and Cheiftec branded PSUs) but this doesn't happen at all with the Aeropower II.

Even under load the rails remain pretty much on the button with only the 3.3v falling to a low of 3.28v under load (as recorded by MBM 5) and a high of 3.42v. This is great to see, and another notch in favour of this PSU.

The lowest recorded 12v under load is 12.04v and the lowest recorded for the 5v rail under load is 5.08v. The OVP and OCP (Over Volt/Current Protection) would appear to be doing there things as well with no sign of too high voltages; everything is within a nice medium.

Final Words

This PSU will make a great addition to any system. It looks great without being over the top, providing a soft blue glow via the LED fans and blue acrylic windows, and the polished Titanium surround gives it a mirror finish that you could almost shave in.

It does make it susceptible to finger prints however, but these polish out easily enough.

Power wise, with 520w at your disposal you should have more than enough to power even the most heavily laden system, and the power is right on the button across all rails. All of this is also done in virtual silence too.

Despite the fact that the fans are running at high-speed, it is still silent, and system cooling remains the same. It might have been nice to see a drop in temperatures afforded by the 3 fans the PSU utilizes but I don't see this as a problem when you trade it off against the silence.

Connections are plentiful, and you can even control another 3 system fans via the included outputs, although you will need fans that use 4 pin Molex connections. The only real gripe I have about the PSU is a lack of documentation, but honestly, it's a PSU, what more do you really need to know that isn't included on the box? It might have been nice to have numbers for the maximum wattage on the Fan connectors but I can't think of anything really bad to say about it.

If you want a good looking PSU you can trust to deliver a good supply of juice, go get this one. Simple as that. I hate to sound like an advert but I love this PSU and can't recommend it enough. "See it without hearing it!", does exactly what it says on the tin.

Thanks go to for supplying us with the

Pros: Sexy looking blue windows, Soft blue glow, Silent even at full speed, Titanium mirror finish, 520w of power, perfect rails even under load, Power safety precautions, plentiful connections, Fan control for the PSU and 3 other system fans.

Cons: Lack of documentation, susceptible to fingerprints.

Bottom Line: I can say without a doubt this is the best PSU I have ever used. It looks great, provides safe and almost perfect power across all rails and does it in silence to boot. Go get one if you need a new PSU. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to hit us up in the forums.


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