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Innovatek Water Cooling Kit Innovatek Water Cooling Kit: We take a look at one of the premier water cooling kits. Innovatek didn't earn its reputation with shoddy products, and we take a look at their basic kit, with a couple of upgrades.

Date: October 15, 2003
Written By:


So it appears that water-cooling your rig is becoming more "mainstream" than just a year or even 6 months ago. Since I have always been an air cooler, but an avid overclocker, I decided to take a foray into the WC world to see what all the fuss is about.

I looked around, and asked many questions to find out what was needed, I settled on a "kit" solution. I say "kit" because I was able to modify the kit on the fly during ordering. This allowed me to upgrade / downgrade the radiator, pump or water block, a nice feature. I chose the kit because of my lack of experience in this realm; by lack of experience I mean I have none. I purchased the Innovatek kit from HighSpeed PC, deselected the "InnovaCool" water block and upgraded the pump to an Eheim 1048 and then added the Innovatek X-Flow waterblock to complete the set.


(1) Maxxpert 120mm Radiator with blue end caps
Copper tubing/ aluminum fins
Measures 145 L x120 w x 102mm h
10mm tube connections (8mm tubing fits nice and snug)

(1) Eheim 1048 Pump with accessories
Pump output: 600 l/h; 132 lmp. gal./h.; 158 U.S. gal./h.
Delivery head: 1,50 m/wat.col.; 4 ft. 11 in./wat.col.
Power consumption: 10 W
Hose connection (suction side): Ø13mm (1/2")
Hose connection (pressure side): Ø13mm (1/2")
Dimensions: (lenght x width x height) 147 x 75 x 118mm; 5.8 x 3 x 4.7 in.

(1) Innovatek X-Flow Water block with clamp
Fittings: 8mm (OD) Compression
The weight of the block (without clamp) : 370g
Size (without connections) : (lxwxh) 65x60x16 mm
Size (with connections) : (lxwxh) 65x60x39 mm
Copper base (d=9mm)
Colored housing is extruded aluminum

(1) Innovatek Reservoir block w/plastic yellow fill cap
Attaches to Eheim 1046 and 1048 pumps

(3) Meters of 3/8" OD PVC tubing
(1) 120mm fan with mounting hardware
(1) Finger guard with mounting hardware
(1) 3 to 4 pin Molex power adaptor


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