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Vantec Nexus Fan and Light Controller NXP-305
Vantec Nexus Fan and Light Controller NXP-305: Rheobus Controllers are nothing new but we take a look at one that controls the fans and the lighting, and it fits in a 3.5" bay.

Date: November 29, 2003
Written By:

It's very common amongst enthusiasts to have a machine that is not only functional but one that is also built for looks. Users often have cooling considerations that go beyond your average PC, be it extreme aircooling or watercooling, or just an abundance of extra fans to keep the case cool. The extra fans often produce extra noise and some form of control for these are a welcome addition. If your PC has a window and you want to improve on the looks, a CCFL or two is always an eye catcher.

To this end, marketed a fan controller that not only allowed you to control up to 3 fans (at 18w's each) but also powered and gave you control over 2 CCFL's. even went as far as providing the CCFL's and the controller in one package, the NXP-301. The 301 offered a good package with everything you need included, all the end user need do is install the controller in an empty 5 ¼ inch bay, hook up the fans and CCFL's and you're good to go. However not everyone has a free 5 ¼ bay, and so like they did with the 205 controller, a 3 ½ inch version of the 301 was made, the NXP-305, which is what shall be examining today.


3 Channel Aluminium Fan Controller
Each Channel Supports Up To 18 Watts
Control Voltage From 0V to 12V
Manually Adjust From FULL SPEED to OFF
Great for Vantec Tornado Or Other High CFM Fans
Built-In Dual CCFL Inverter With Light Control
Compatible With Vantec Spectrum Cold Cathode Lights
Stylish Aluminium Housing With Ultra-Bright LED Lights
Fits In A Standard 3.5" Drive Bay

Model: NXP-305-SL
Material: Aluminium
Input Voltage: 12V
Output Voltage: 0V~12V
Output Current: Up to 1.5A
Optimal Wattage: Up to 18 Watts
Outline Dimension: 102 x 25.5 x 120mm
Weight: 120 gm

Package Includes: 1 Fan & Light Controller
2 Blue Cold Cathode Lights.

The specs are very similar to the 301, and indeed it is infact the same controller in a smaller bay unit.

Like the 301, the 305 has the catchy full colour appearance to the box, showing off the contents and features with such slogans as “Tweak your PC” and “Lite it Up!”.

Inside the box we find everything included you could need, from the leads for the fans, 2 blue CCFL's, mounting materials (screws for the bay unit and sticky pads for the CCFL's) and an instruction pamphlet. All of this is presented in a clear plastic package so that when you open the box everything is nicely laid out and instantly viewable.


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