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Swiftech H20-120 REV. 3 Liquid Kit Swiftech H20-120 REV. 3 Liquid Kit: When it comes to quality and performance, you can always count on Swiftech. We look at their latest kit and give you the 411.
Date: January 28, 2004
Written By:

    In the past year we here at Viperlair have looked at quite a few water cooling kits, or pieces therein.  This is most likely because water cooling is one of the highest end cooling parts for systems of any kind.  Since part of the audience of online review websites is the overclocking enthusiast many companies provide these test samples for us to test.

    Swiftech has really been no stranger to our test bed over the past few years, though we haven't really seen anything new in the way of water cooling kits from them this year.  However what we have seen in 2004 was pretty good (one item that it was).  The name Swiftech really has come to be associated with quality products over the past few years, and today we will look to see if that continues.

    As we mentioned water cooling systems are among the more popular technologies for the overclocker, as water is a much better conductor of heat than air is.  Many people are still a bit afraid of water cooling though, as water and electrical components are not the best of friends.  This is the reason many companies are creating water cooling 'kits' that make the installation of a water cooler quite a bit easier on the user.  Lets then take a look at one of these kits today.

Swiftech H20-120 Rev. 3

    Swiftech was nice enough to send us the mid range model of their water cooling kits, with their newer water block for the socket 775 processors.  What though does the packaging look like?  Lets take a look at some pictures, and for a more detailed specification sheet please check .

    So what do you get in the 'kit'?

  • 4' of 1/2" tubing
  • 40" Coolsleeves™ cable wrap
  • CPU water block with 2*3' tubing attached
  • LGA775 and Socket A mounting attachments
  • 5 1/4" Bay reservoir
  • Pump with 2*3' tubing attached
  • Radiator with 80*25mm Fan and 2*2' tubing attached
  • PCI back plate pass-through  kit
  • 2oz HydrX™
  • Arctic Silver Céramique™
  • Instruction booklets

    As we can see, Swiftech has indeed put quite a bit into its 'kit'.  In fact they have provided more than enough in the way of tubing and the liquids.  However the packaging of the 'kit' leaves quite a bit to be desired, as I couldn't find the Hydrx™ until I realized that it was missing.  A properly packaged box with identifiers as to what is inside would be much nicer from a ease of unpacking standpoint.

    Moving on to the actual pieces we see that they are all solid in construction, with the water block being made of copper, and the radiator's design being something intriguing as its pretty easy to connect to the case.

    The pump that Swiftech has included in this kit is the HCP350, which can pump water with a pressure of 22PSI, and push through about 350LPH, while only producing 24dBA of noise.  Compared to the Koolance that Hubert reviewed previously this can pump more water, which theoretically means less time for the water to get too warm in the water block.  The fan that is used with the radiator has a part number of WFB1212M, which is a Delta fan.  This fan can move 72CFM, while producing about 34dBA of noise.

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