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Game Accelerator BIOS: ABIT has released a new BIOS that contains a feature called the Game Accelerator. We weren't able to provide benchmarks with our IC7 review earlier this week, but we got them here today.
Date: June 20, 2003
Written By:
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Unreal Tournament 2003

Using the ...

Quake 3 Arena, 640x480

Jedi Knight 2, 640x480

In each case, there's an increase in performance as we switch between memory optimizations. The biggest winners are the Q3 engine games, but UT 2003 shows improvement as well.

3D Mark 2003 - Summary

3D Mark 2003 - CPU Tests

Nothing new here.

Final Words

As we've seen, the Game Accelerator BIOS made a huge difference, for the better, in our benchmarks. I would imagine any quality sticks of ram can easily handle the Street Racer option, and for F1, you'll need something really good. Even if you don't own performance ram, the system ran fine at Turbo, using a pair of Crucial PC2700 sticks (though I was not able to run them at 400MHz). At Turbo settings, the performance was still better than Auto, so consider this a free performance boost.

CPU performance didn't really change dramatically, there's more to a fast system than dropping in a speedy CPU. Our BIOS was BETA, but the official version is . For you , the Game Accelerator BIOS is also official, and you should pick it up. We'll be presenting our IS7 review before the end of the month, and we'll be using this new BIOS.


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