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ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition: ATI has always impressed us with their home entertainment based products. Today we'll see if they continue doing so.
Date: July 18, 2003
Catagory: Video Cards
Written By:


Today I will be reviewing ATI's TV Wonder VE remote control edition. ATI never ceases to amaze us with their products... so we'll see if this product follows in those same footsteps.

My review on this card will cover the following:

- Installation
- Image and sound quality
- Features
- Compression
- Gemstar GUIDE PLUS +
- Digital VCR and Scheduled Viewing
- Remote Wonder
- Multimedia capabilities


Watch TV on your PC
Gemstar GUIDE Plus+ Interactive Program Guide (North America only)
Digital VCR and Scheduled Viewing
TV Magazine & Hot Words (North America only)
MPEG-2 Motion Video Capture and Still Image Capture
Full control of your multimedia options

The ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition

The ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition ships in a rather compact box. Everything is tightly packed, and padded to protect it during shipping.

Other than the card and remote, you'll also have the drivers, audio line-out cable, software and quick start guide.

The card was much smaller than we thought it would be, but considering it isn't a graphics card in the traditional sense, there isn't any real reason to be loaded with chips on the PCB.

The TV tuner is the same as with ATI's recent All-In-Wonder cards. The Phillips tuner is an analog receiver, and since the majority of the public still uses an analog cable for TV viewing, there isn't really any point adding the digital tuner. The Conexant chip is responsible for the output of the image. No Theater 200 here folks, as that's reserved for their AiW cards.

Your input options are fairly limited, but consider that you only need TV capture and sound, you'll understand why it's so bare.

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