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Highpoint RocketHEAD 100: Got SATA ports but you only got PATA hard drives? If you're holding off on a SATA drive for now, but would still like to use the connections, the RocketHEAD is made for you.
Date: August 18, 2003
Catagory: Miscellaneous
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Anyone who has bought a motherboard in the past 6 months is likely to have SATA capabilities onboard but it's also likely that you don't actually have any SATA drives to hand. It could be that you have some drives lying around that you wouldn't mind adding to your system. Perhaps you'd like to have only one channel in use from your IDE headers. Whatever the case, it would be nice if you could have your cake and eat it too, and use those SATA headers without buying SATA drives. Well have the answer in the form of there RocketHEAD 100 Serial ATA to Parallel ATA adaptors. As the name suggests, these adaptors will allow you to connect your standard ATA100/133 drives to your SATA headers with the minimum of fuss, so lets check out the specs and move onto the nitty gritty.


Dimensions 59mm x 28mm x 18mm
Number of IDE channels 1
Maximum number of drives 1 drive per RocketHead 100 converter
Supported Hard drives IDE hard disk drives - up to ATA133
SATA controller support Supports HighPoint SATA host adapters (RR1520, RR1540, RR1542)
Supports motherboard SATA controllers (onboard)
Multi-level RAID support Supports RAID 0, 1, JBOD, when two RocketHead 100 converters are used with the RR1520, RR1540, or RR1542 SATA host adapters. RAID 0, 1, 10, and 5 are supported when four RocketHead 100 converters are used with the RR1540 or RR1542 SATA host adapters.
Supported OSs Windows 98/ME, Windows NT4.0, Win2000, Windows XP, Linux (SuSE, Red Hat, Caldera, Turbo), and FreeBSD

Additional Features Large hard drive support - drives exceeding 137GB
Plug and Play installation
Transparent (no software needed)
Improved airflow inside the PC (compact SATA cables)
Durable plastic case

A Closer Look

The box for the RocketHEAD 100 follows the same Yellow scheme as the rest of the SATA products in Highpoints line up, coming in a box a bit smaller than a floppy disk (though deeper obviously). Included with the package is the RocketHEAD 100 Adaptor itself, a power cable and a 1 sheet installation guide. You'll note there is no included SATA cable so you'll need to have these if you want to use the RocketHEAD 100.

Installation is pretty simple. Take any ATA100/133 Hard Drive (ATA33/66 drives are not supported), set it to master and connect the RocketHEAD 100 adaptor to the IDE header on the drive. Then plug the supplied power cable into both the 4 pin Molex on the Drive and the floppy header on the RocketHEAD 100 adaptor, connecting the power cable to a standard 4 pin Molex from your PSU. Plug in your SATA cable and your good to go!

Obviously you can use these RocketHEAD 100's for RAID systems by getting one for each drive, but the adaptors will only convert one drive each. I want to bring attention to the size of these adaptors, because I don't know if it was just me, but seeing these online for some reason I thought they would be bigger. But if you look at the picture with them connected to a drive you can see how small they actually are. Simple stuff really, and very easy to install. Ok let's see what effect they have on speeds.

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