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Kingston HyperX PC4000 Memory Kingston HyperX PC4000 Memory: Known for making quality ram for the home user, Kingston has been gaining popularity among enthusiasts. We look at their latest HyperX kit and give you the 411.

Date: October 17, 2003
Written By:


I'm sure many of our readers are familiar with . Kingston has a reputation of making quality, and fairly priced ram for a number of years. They are hugely popular with OEMs and OEM resellers, and maintain an impressive inventory for older memory products for those who need it should the OEM no longer supplies it.

As popular as Kingston products are for consumers, they weren't all that popular among users looking to build custom performance PCs. That all changed with the release of the low latency earlier this year. We've looked at the HyperX PC3500 not too long ago, and were quite impressed with Kingston's initial entry into this market.

With the popularity of the Canterwood and Springdale motherboards, due in part to the overclocking ability of the P4 800FSB CPU, Kingston have release their HyperX PC4000 500MHz modules. We'll be looking at their 1GB Dual Channel kit, and see how it stacks up against some of the other PC4000 modules we've tested.


Description: 1GB Kit HyperX DDR 500MHz DIMM, 3-4-4-8-1
Aluminum heat spreader for thermal diffusion
Standard 64M X 64 Non-ECC 500MHz 184-pin Unbuffered DIMM
400mil, TSOP, Single-Sided, Gold
Pieces/Unit: 2
Warranty: Lifetime

You can read the full specifications on .

The Kingston HyperX PC4000 1GB Memory Kit

Both memory modules arrived in form fitting packaging to protect it during shipping. Kingston has qualified the modules for Dual channel environments, though you do have the option buying individual modules if needed. Here's a bit from their site:

"Kingston's HyperX kits are designed and tested to meet dual channel architecture requirements such as those found on chipsets and motherboards like NVidia's Nforce2, and Intel's Canterwood and Springdale."

We received Unbuffered modules (the blue heatspreaders are the giveaway. Registered modules (black spreaders) are available for Athlon 64FX based systems. The heatspreaders have a nice industrial look to them, and feel pretty solid, so no worrys about them popping off.

It's hard to demonstrate with a picture, but the heatspreaders are attached to the ram via some frag tape. Not the ideal choice if cooling really matters, but it is less costly than individually applying thermal epoxy at the factory.

A closer look at the modules, and we can see the sticker letting you know the some of the specs of that stick of ram. The part number is given, KHX4000K2/1G, which tells us it is PC4000, and one half of a 1GB kit (hence 512MB). The maximum voltage is indicated as 2.6v, which is actually much lower than other modules we've tested which required 2.7v for 500MHz operation. The timings aren't indicated on the module, but according to specifications, the timings are 3-4-4-8-1. These timings aren't extraordinary, but in line with most PC4000 modules that passed through our labs. Never content with specifications, rest assured that we'll be pushing the HyperX kit pretty hard later on.


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