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OCZ EL DDR PC3200 Dual Channel Platinum: With the new boards and CPUs constantly coming out on the market, we are starting to need ram which can handle a lot of pressures and overclocking needs of enthusiasts.
Date: June 25, 2003
Catagory: Memory & Storage
Written By:

As I never had , I've never heard much about their products except for some of their past history. Today I'll try to present you OCZ in a different point of view because in spite of their past, that's what it is, the past.

What is really hard to do on the market these days is to make your product distinguish itself from the rest of the competition. The market is full of different kinds of ram, and they are all fast. What I am looking for is not your standard ram. Ineed something that looks different, feels different, and help push the hell out of my machine. So OCZ will push it to the limit? Let's see...


512Mb kit (2x 256Mb) and 1Gb kit (2x 512Mb) available
ULN Technology
Based on OCZ brand EL DDR IC (4.5 ns)
CL 2-2-3-5 1T
200Mhz FSB / 400 Mhz
Dual Channel Optimised
Rated to handle up to 2.8 volts
Retail packaging
184 pin DIMM

So what's so special about the Platinum? Here's what they have to say about it on their site…

As a result of the increasing demand for high performance dual channel optimized DDR RAM OCZ have released their Platinum Edition PC3200 Series. The Platinum Edition PC3200 modules are hand tested and matched across a variety of platforms to achieve highest possible performance and compatibility.
- Dual Channel Optimized - hand tested in dual channel motherboards for best possible performance and compatibility - suitable for Intel i865/i875 and many other dual channel chipsets.

Basically, they are saying that the ram is compatible with a lot motherboards under standard Dual Channel usage, at the best performance possible. Granted, if you have a crap motherboard you'll just crash your pc by attempting overcooking or doing any unusual stuff, but on the other hand if you have a decent motherboard you will be entitled to have hours of fun trying to get the maximum performance of this ram.

Dual Channel

What exactly is Dual Channel? That means that a motherboard, such as the nForce2, uses Twin Bank mode, and requires two memory modules plugged into the appointed DIMM slots in order to enable Dual Channel DDR where each module controlled by a separate channel of the memory controller. Hubert covered this quite extensively in past reviews, so let's see what he has to say...

The nForce2, Intel's 865PE and 875P, as well as Intel's Granite Bay are DualDDR platforms. What this means is that for the best performance out of, let's say, your nForce2, you are better off with two 256MB sticks of ram, rather than going with one stick of 512MB. DualDDR is effectively a 128-bit interface with two 64-bit controllers working together. Latency is lowered as well by this method. Think of this scenario: The first controller can be gathering information, while the second controller is publishing it. Basically, both hands are working independently of one another, while still working towards the same end result. Therefore, latency is effectively cut in half.

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