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OCZ EL DDR PC3200 Dual Channel Platinum: With the new boards and CPUs constantly coming out on the market, we are starting to need ram which can handle a lot of pressures and overclocking needs of enthusiasts.
Date: June 25, 2003
Catagory: Memory & Storage
Written By:

OCZ EL DDR PC3200 Dual Channel Platinum Kit

When the ram modules arrived they were individually packaged, with instructions, and arrived in good condition. Here's OCZ's product description…

OCZ Enhanced Latency PC-3200 Dual Channel optimized kits memory using state of the art ULN technology are capable of achieving outrageous speeds of up to 400 MHz at CL2. These kits are optimized for use on motherboards using the most popular Dual Channel chipsets like the Canterwood, Springdale, Nforce2 etc. Each module is hand tested and matched across a variety of motherboards to insure flawless performance on any motherboard. Platinum heat spreader to ensure best possible heat dissipation.

The futuristic look and the silver color of the ram is really nice, and it gives you the impression that you have already gained 200 mhz just by looking at it! Kinda like adding a "Type-R" sticker on a Dodge Neon gives you 10 mental horsepower. Ok, maybe that's just us.

The weight even surprise me more with the nice copper heatsinks. At this point I'm able to say they put a lot of work on this kit to make it at least look better.

I am going to admit that these are high quality spreaders, but as Hubert also says, the jury is still out on these things as being effective enough to improve your overclocking adventures with ram. We're not knocking OCZ's decision to add copper spreaders, as it will cool the memory chips down a little, but past experiences here at VL have shown that spreaders don't really do much for overclocking. That being said, they are included with the ram, so it's not like you have to go out and buy your own.

Not much of indication were found on the memory label just the size of the module and the rated speed (3200), and the module size. After installation, it seems that the default SPD settings are 400MHz, 2-4-4-9. This is what was reported in the BIOS of my ABIT NF7-S, though setting it to 2-2-3-5 wasn't a problem.

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