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XtremeDDR DDR400 True: If you have a KT400 motherboard, you'll want some DDR400 ram. There's a lot of fancy overclocking ram out there, and we test if XtremeDDR should be one to consider.
Date: November 14, 2002
Catagory: Memory & Storage
Manufacturer: Supplied by
Written By:

Now that the KT400 has been released, many of you will be tempted to purchase 400 MHZ memory. Although there is no official support for 400 MHZ memory from VIA, most likely since a JEDEC standard doesn't exist, the chipset will work with existing DDR400 modules.

Several companies have DDR400 solutions available, and the task of choosing of which memory you will use to power your system can be daunting. Corsair and XtremeDDR have both released these high speed modules to the public, and these companies, at least in my opinion, make very high quality products.

Today we will be looking at XtremeDDR's offering, "DDR400 True". I will be explaining what the "True" naming means shortly. XtremeDDR has only been around for a few months, starting back in March of 2002. We reviewed a PC2700 module of theirs and were quite impressed. If it weren't for the memory's inability to run properly in MSI mainboards, we would have given it a "Must Have" recommendation.

Rather then ship me the module directly, XtremeDDR told me to go to one of their authorized retailers and get the product I wanted to review from them. I called up Silver Bullet PC and asked them to ship me two sticks of the new memory. He obliged and the memory came in five days. Silver Bullet PC has been very supportive of Viperlair in the past, and we thank them again for their continued support. If you need anything, please call them and they will be happy to help you. Mention when you make your purchase for special hidden discounts.

The reason XtremeDDR preferred I get the samples through a retailer is so that I let you know that these samples weren't "cherry-picked." It is common for product manufacturers to send "cherry-picked" product samples to review sites. What this leads to sometimes is a review site getting insane performance out of a product while the consumer gets much worse results. The product I am reviewing today is the same product you would get if you purchased it from any authorized retailer.

Let's take a close look at the features of XtremeDDR DDR400 True and the features it brings to the table.


" Available in 512MB Double Sided Modules
" Available in 256MB Single Sided Modules
" Color Aluminum Heat Spreader
" Samsung C4 -5ns Chip
" Lifetime Warranty
" 3-6-3 2T Timings
" 400 (200) MHz True
" Unbuffered
" CL 2.5

When we reviewed XtremeDDR in July it came in an anti-static bag, and that was it. Now XtremeDDR comes in very professional packaging. The packaging is sealed with an XtremeDDR sticker that thanks you for purchasing the world's finest memory, etc. The memory looks great by itself too. XtremeDDR has custom heat spreaders now, and they look better than ever.

Like Corsair, XtremeDDR has the company name stamped on the module. This is to prevent counterfeiters from selling modules as XtremeDDR when they are really cheap knockoffs.


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