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XtremeDDR DDR400 True: If you have a KT400 motherboard, you'll want some DDR400 ram. There's a lot of fancy overclocking ram out there, and we test if XtremeDDR should be one to consider.
Date: November 14, 2002
Catagory: Memory & Storage
Manufacturer: Supplied by
Written By:

The reason XtremeDDR calls their PC3200 offering "DDR400 True" is because they want to let the consumer know that their memory uses true 400 MHZ Samsung C4 5ns chips and not overclocked 6ns parts, which a few manufacturers have been known to do. When you are dealing with memory, you want to make sure you are getting a module with chips from a reputable manufacturer. As far as I am concerned there are only three reputable manufacturers of memory chips. These manufacturers are Samsung, Toshiba and Micron.

While only a few companies make high quality memory chips, there are a lot of companies that have the ability to mount the chips on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). PCB quality is a very important factor when it comes to memory quality, as mounting even the best chips on a poorly constructed PCB will lead to instability and general memory problems. XtremeDDR DDR400 True is based on a high-quality 6-layer PCB that is manufactured in Taiwan, by Samsung. Cheaper modules will be based on 4-layer PCB, while high-quality modules will usually be based on 6-layer PCB. The layers of the PCB will help shield the module from noise.

Once the modules arrive from Taiwan they are each tested at XtremeDDR's facilities. The heat spreaders are mounted at the facility as well. As far as I am concerned heat spreaders are eye candy and nothing more.

The testing process involves 3DMark 2001SE loop tests as well as other benchmarks and stress tests. Every module passes the test before it is shipped out or it is discarded.

A lot of you have been burned by tech support one time or another in your life. I don't feel my review would be complete without testing tech support over E-mail at least once. For the E-mail I used a Hotmail account which uses the display name "Art Vandellay". The first person who E-mails me at , and tells me where the name Art Vandellay comes from will get a random prize.

Here is the letter, with header info edited out...

Sent Letter:


I own an Abit KX7333-R and my board will not boot into Windows when I use XtremeDDR DDR400 True at standard CPU speed and 333 MHz memory speed... Any ideas or suggestions for booting? I am using two 256 MB modules.


Reply Letter:

Art, I am testing this board and will get back to you shortly.
-Joe McPeek

XtremeDDR got back to me and had several suggestions, which I couldn't test because I didn't have an actual problem. It took them less then 24 hours to come up with valid suggestions. They suggested inhabiting DIMM slot 4 first and working towards one, which is a real solution when it comes to many Abit motherboards. I was very impressed with XtremeDDR tech support.


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