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Vantec EZ-Swap Mobile IDE Rack: Hard Drive caddy's are nothing new but as with more and more items from manufacturers lately, Vantec have added a host of useful extra's to give them the edge above the competition.
Date: March 17, 2003
Catagory: Memory & Storage
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I don't know about you guys but I often find I have so much data (read: crap) on my drives it can often be a fight to create enough room to try out the latest "thang" that everyone says I simply have to try. Linux is something completely new to me and whilst I've set it up fine and had a play it would be nice if I could keep my Linux stuff totally separate from my Windows data. How about backups? CD's right? I could personally back up gigs of data. Enter the removable Hard Drive bay. Simple premise, you make your HD's swappable by placing them into a drawer style caddy, it's then a simple matter of pulling one out and inserting a new one. Server's have been using this kind of approach for years but that's not to say that we home users couldn't benefit from such a thing. Let's have a look at today's review item, the Vantec EZ-Swap Mobile IDE Rack MRK-102FD-SL. Thanks go out to for supplying the review sample.


The obligatory stolen from the website info.

EZ Swap Specifications:
Model MRK-102FD
Device Space 5.25" Half height device x 1
Interface 40 Pin IDE
Data Transfer Rate 133MB/Sec (support ATA133)
Power ON / OFF Key lock
Cooling Fan 40(W) x 40(H) x 10(D) mm Ball Bearing x 1
DC Socket Number 1
Temperature Setting 20.0°C ~ 80.0°(50.0°C Default)
Temperature Display 10.0°C~ 90.0°C
Accuracy of
Temperature ± 3.0°C
HDD Access Display on LCD screen
Alarm function Display on LCD Screen (50.0°C Alarm Default)
Alarm Disable Manual setting
Fan Failure Display Alarm and display on LCD screen
Overheating Display Alarm and display on LCD screen
Temperature over heat signal Out (High) Signal Out Fan Fail Signal Out (High)
HUTR Display 0-999 day 23 hr
HDD Condition Display Master or Slave
Master / Slave Setting Four-Segment Dip Switch
Master / Slave Display Display on LCD screen
Flat Cable PVC
Material Plastic and Aluminum alloy
Dimension (W x H x D) 148.0X42.0X235.5mm
Weight 750g

The model we have here is the 102FD which features the LCD display. Vantec also do a 103F without the display as well as separate caddy's.

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