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Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25PT Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25PT: PC4400 gets a kick in the pants as Corsair tweaked the timings further. We checkout the improvements.
Date: November 22, 2004
Written By:

Aida 32 Memory Tests

As in SiSoft Sandra, we're seeing the same memory performance scaling in Aida 32.


Again, increasing the FSB improves the performance. While the CPU speed is likely the main factor in the performance, it's important to note that the memory allows the CPU to reach these FSB levels.

Quake 3

While the upper overclocks are fairly close, all three settings show a marked improvement over DDR400, even with tight timings.

Final Words

We decided to pit the Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25PT against Corsair's TWINX1024-4400 part which it essentially replaces. The older kit is also clocked at DDR550, but the timings are set at 3-4-4-8 by default.

Quake 3

Well, considering the 0.5 change in CAS latency, it isn't too surprising that the two kits don't perform too far apart at stock speeds. Actually, not too far apart is probably an overstatement as the difference is essentially zero in real world performance.

Granted, we don't think many of our readers are going to settle for "stock" and while the older TWINX1024-4400 kit overclocks quite well, the newer TWINX1024-4400C25 definitely has more options for tweakers. We were never able to hit 2-2-2-5 timings with the older kit at DDR400, but the latest TWINX-4400C25 had no problems with those timings. We were also able to hit as high as 278FSB at 2.5-4-4-8, which is also something we weren't able to do before.

Based on those FSB settings, you can probably guess what the downside is to these modules... not everyone will be able to maximize the memory's potential. While Athlon 64 overclocking is getting better and better, 275FSB is still not going to be a slam dunk for the majority of users at this time. The same can be said for Pentium 4 CPUs with high multipliers. Motherboards will also play a big role, and unless you have an "overclockers" board, 275FSB will be very tough to get to.

That being said, the TWINX1024-4400C25 can potentially save you a couple upgrades when you think about it. Low latencies play as much of a role as clock speed does when it comes to memory performance. If you're sticking in the DDR400 - DDR415 range, this kit will perform as well as most low latency DDR400 kits. When you upgrade your setup to something that can reach the DDR500 - DDR550 range, this kit can handle those speeds as well as doing so at lower timings than most.

Pros: Great performance, good overclocker with the right boards. Stable.

Cons: Expensive. Not all setups are capable of DDR550.

Bottom Line: If you own an overclocker friendly setup, the Corsair TWINX1024-4400C25 is certainly the way to go. The high FSB ceiling the ram allows will aid greatly in this respect. Even those who prefer to stay under DDR550 will be satisfied with the ram's ability to run at low latencies.

If you have any comments, be sure to hit us up in our forums.


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