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CaseAce GearGrip - Pro

Written By:
Date Posted: May 21, 2002

There are several ways you can carry a computer around. You can try shoving everything into a garbage bag, but chances are it'll tear apart. If nobody is looking, you can try stealing a shopping cart, but that'll probably land you in jail. If you're lucky enough to be born with two hands, you can try bear hugging everything and haul it out to your car...

Problem with this method is you'll totally be blind to any stairs that may lie in front of you. Plus, if you're nervous about that big LAN matchup, your sweaty palms will likely cause the computer to slip out of your hands.

is one company that produces a series of products that cater to the LAN junkie. Previously, we've looked at the GearGrip - CRT, and today, we're going to take a look at the GearGrip - Pro, which, you guessed it, allows for easier transport of your PC.


Heavy duty 2" webbing straps
Premium soft-grip handle
Adjustable GearBag to hold your keyboard, mouse and more
Adjustable CableGrip holds LAN cables and headphones
Shoulder strap frees your hands

We received the harness the same time as we did our GearGrip - CRT. Like before, they arrived at the end of our building renovations, and our task of putting all the PCs back to their original location was just beginning.

The GearGrip - Pro is solidly built, and the straps are quite strong. The buckles have a nice feel to them, and they're designed in such a way that the excess strap lies between the buckle, and the PC, thus preventing any nicks and scratches. Although installation is straightforward, CaseAce does include printed instructions for those of you who need the help.

The handle itself is well built, and feels quite comfortable. The handle is quite resistent to slippage, and large or small hands should be able to grip it comfortably. Not pictured here, but are included, is the shoulder strap. This nice addition was something we felt should have been included with the GearGrip - CRT (since it's so heavy). Kudos to CaseAce for adding it here, and if your hand gets tired from carrying your PC, you can use the shoulder strap instead.

What I immediately noticed was a lack of securing straps in the front and back. We'll look into this a little more later on in the review. Setup was a breeze, and it shouldn't be a problem for anyone to do. You first begin by laying the harness flat on the floor...

Your PC goes right on top, and you begin slinging the straps over...

Connect the buckles, and be sure that they're secure. This is where the lack of securing straps in the front and back concerned me a bit. Although proper installation should be good enough, if you don't properly tighten everything, you risk having the computer fall out of the front, or back.

The GearGrip - Pro also includes a nifty kangaroo style pouch to carry items such as keyboards, mice and software jewel cases. It works quite well, although I had some issues with my Microsoft Natural Pro. The ergonomic keyboard wasn't able to fit quite securely as I would have liked.

Not demonstrated, but to the left of the PS/2 adapter is a velcro cable tie to manage your power or network cables.

Once everything is put together, you should tighten all the straps securely. Once that's done, you shouldn't need anymore adjusting unless you change cases. The harness we got was for mid to mini towers. CaseAce does sell for the big full towers that I know many of you like.

Final Words

The GearGrip - Pro does exactly what CaseAce says it will do. It will fit most PCs (depending on which size harness you get), managing the cables, and your peripherals, as well as provide a method of using just one hand to carry the PC. Not once during testing did the straps loosen on their own, and it felt very secure, although the lack of straps in the front and back are of some concern to me if you don't properly tighten them.

In practice, carrying the PC back and forth was a snap. Unlike monitors, which even with the GearGrip - CRT, it still weighs a ton, PCs don't tend to be as heavy, or unwieldy. The shoulder strap makes carrying the PC even easier.

If you're the type who rarely needs to move their PC, this product probably isn't for you. For any LAN junkie, or even IT staffers, you'll find this a must have product.


Pros: Well constructed, and strong. Very secure, and works as advertised.

Cons: Not useful if you rarely move your PC. Lack of secure ties in front and back a concern.

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