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Logitech iFeel Mouse

Written By: Brent
Date Posted:
July 24, 2002

For most people, choosing the right mouse is as simple as picking up the first one that has all the right features that will enhance their mousing experience, such as whether it is optical, has more than two buttons, and if a scroll wheel is present. At least this is how I like to see it; the mouse is a very integral component when it comes to using a computer, and it's definitely an area where the user should demand functionality over features that they know they will never use. This is where the Logitech iFeel Mouse enters the picture; my overall synopsis is that this mouse functions perfectly as an ordinary mouse, but comes with extra frills that I really can't find any practical use for.

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What you get

Logitech® iFeel" Mouse (compatible with Windows 98, 2000 and Me)*
w/ 800 dpi optical sensor
Logitech® Mouseware®
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0
User Guide
Five-year limited hardware warranty

Heck, I even got a coupon for 10% off my next Logitech purchase, too bad it expired six months ago&

The package contains a slip saying that the mouse will work with the Windows XP, but "to optimize your experience and take full advantage of the new functionality of Windows XP," you should download the XP driver from their website. I'm not sure what this means because I didn't have an XP system to test it on, but I assume it means that the fore-feedback features of the mouse won't work with the included driver on Windows XP.

According to Logitech, this mouse will "Enhance your computing experience with gentle vibrations as you move around the web and desktop. It's a whole new way to point and click."

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