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Vantec Stealth 470W PSU: If you're running a fast CPU, a modern video card, RAID array, and a half dozen case fans, you need power, and lots of it. Quality is important to, and we take a look at a near perfect solution.
Date: March 31, 2003
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Designing a computer system these days is an adventure all of its own. There's a lot more choice on the market for both the budget minded and for those where cost is irrelevant compared to quality. Most of the items from reputable manufacturers are pretty much standard affair, but more and more we are seeing differences in the original design premise. Take Power Supplies for example. Lets face it, originally they were nothing more than there name suggested, a supply of power for your system. Now they have fancy extra's, such as cooling fans for both the PSU and your system in general. Aesthetics are playing a big part in PSU design as well, as there is a growing group of end users with windows in there cases. Not to mention the increase in peripherals requiring power. What about safety concerns? Let's take a look at our review piece today, which as you may have guessed is a Power Supply, pushing 470watts of power. Thanks go to for supplying the review sample.


Technology wise there are a lot of protections and optimizations to ensure the unit performs at peak efficiency in a safe manner. I've listed the main ones below.

General Description
VAN-470A is a switching power supply, 470W self-contained, AC to DC power source supply suitable for mounting in PC, Server Tower and IPC Chassis.
Power Factor Correction (PFC) - Optional
VAN-470A (w/PFC) version is facilitated with the universal input
88VAC ~ 264VAC active PFC with the PF value . 0.960
115V (Nominal) Operation
PFC reaches 96.0% at 115V, 60Hz, under full output loading in
accordance with the EN 61000-3-2, class D standards.
230V (Nominal) Operation
PFC reaches 96.0% at 230V, 50Hz, under full output loading in
accordance with the EN 61000-3-2, class D standards.

Input Overcurrent Protection
The power supply is equipped with a non-reset-able fuse on the AC input to limit power consumption on a failure within the power supply module.
Input Fuse Rating:
Voltage 250 V
Current 12 A
De-activation time 200 ms

Power Sequencing
All outputs, regardless of loading, turn on within 50ms of each other. The 5VSB output is in regulation for a minimum of 10ms prior to the other output rails reaching regulation.

Overshoot at Turn-on / Turn-off
Any overshoot at turn on or turn off is under 10% of the nominal DC output voltage with further stipulation that all DC outputs are within their specified DC voltage ranges before the generation of the power good signal. Additionally, no voltage may undershoot or overshoot once the power good signal has been asserted.

Output Protection
Each DC output is protected from over voltage, over current and short circuit.

Over Current Protection
The power supply DC outputs are protected from supplying output current above the maximum ratings when output power is between 110%~150%.

Over Voltage Protection
The overvoltage sense circuitry and reference reside in packages that are separate and distinct from the regulator control circuitry and reference. No single point fault is able to cause a sustained overvoltage condition on any or all outputs. The power supply provides latch-mode overvoltage protection defined as:
+5V output is between 5.8V to 6.3V
+12V output is between 14.0V to 17.0V
+3.3V output is between 3.6V to 4.2V

Short Circuit Protection
The power supply DC outputs are protected from damage due to faults, when any output shorts to ground. In the event of a short circuit on any output, all outputs shall be disabled and remain disable until the power supply is powered off and back on.

Reliability / MTBF
The power supply reliability is based on the calculation with the Part-Stress Analysis method of MIL-HDBK-217F using the quality factors listed in MIL-HDBK-217F. The power supply MTBF is 140,000 hours under the following conditions:
- Full-rated load
- 120VAC input
- Ground begin
- 25°C ambient

The power supply is complied with CISPR 22, Class B. Tests are performed at 110VAC 50Hz, 120VAC 60Hz, and 220VAC 50 Hz power. The VAN-470A (w/PFC) version meets the requirement of EN 61000-3-2 Class D, and EN 61000-3-3, and the Guidelines for the Suppression of Harmonics in Appliances and General Use Equipment Class D for harmonic line current content at full-rated power.

You can read all about the full specs of this unit .

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