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iRock! 530 Portable MP3 Player: If you're a person on the go who loves your MP3s, you'll need a MP3 player. The lightweight iRock comes with 128MB of built-in memory, and produces very good sound.
Date: January 15, 2003
Catagory: Miscellaneous
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If you are a person who loves music and is always on the go, then you have probably considered purchasing a portable Mp3 player. With a P2P file-sharing application such as Kazaa paired with a high-speed Internet connection you can download Mp3's from your favorite artist in a matter of seconds. While the RIAA may be whining and moaning to everybody within earshot, chances are Mp3 downloading won't be thwarted for a long time.

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When portable Mp3 players were first introduced they were sold at astronomical prices, and the players lacked features and storage space. Very few people were willing to pay $300+ for a device that held less than an hour of music. Now, portable players are far cheaper, much smaller, and no longer lack storage space.

iRock! is a spin-off of Motorola that manufactures a wide range of Mp3-based products. Today we are looking at the iRock! 530, a small, stylish player that has 128 MB's of built-in memory.


o High speed downloading via USB
o High speed downloading via USB
o Expandable memory capacity with external SmartMedia Card (SMC) slot (up to 256MB total!)
o 520- up to 192MB of total storage(nearly 3.5 hours of music)
o 530- up to 256MB of total storage(nearly 4.5 hours of music)
Easy to use modify function settings with one key
- EQ: Normal/Rock/Classic/Jazz
- Bass Boost
- Repeat: Repeat 1/Repeat All/Random
- Bookmark
Dynamic LCD Display
o Long Battery Life: 8 hours with one AAA
o Applicable PC and Macintosh¨ (iTunesª) digital music management software
o 2.5" x 2.8" x .7" (63.5 mm x 71.1mm x 17.8mm)
o Display: STN LCD
o Power Supply: 1 AAA battery
o Battery Life: 8 hours with 1 AAA battery
o Memory: 64MB (520), or 128MB (530) embedded flash
o Expandable Memory: external SMC slot for up to 128MB SMC card
o Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
o Harmonic Distortion: <0.25%
o Maximum Output: 10mW
o Audio Connector: 3.5mm headphone jack
o Microprocessor: 8 bit CISC Processor
o Interface: full speed USB

Included with the unit is a single AAA battery, pink carrying strap, set of headphones and a CD with software and drivers. The AAA battery was a bit of a surprise, since most electronic products leave that up to you, but we'll take it.

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iRock! 530 Portable MP3 Player

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