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ASUS Radeon EAX1950 Pro Video Card in CrossFire: Today we fire up two reasonably priced Asus video cards and compare single vs CrossFire performance.
Date: February 21, 2007
Written By: Mike Hermon

For in game benchmarking I used FRAPS to record the minimum, maximum and average FPS during two minutes of actual game play, although not as exact as a pre recorded demo it gives a more accurate representation of real world use. I don't know about everyone else, but I actually play games, I don't watch recorded demos for fun. All testing with both Crossfire enabled and disabled was done with 4xAA/16xAF enabled and all other graphics settings set to "high" Display resolution was set to 1280 x 1024 which is the max resolution for my LCD.

First up is Half-Life 2: episode 1, without a doubt one of the nicest looking games out

A 10 FPS increase is nothing to sneeze at, and it probably should be significantly higher but the minimum 17 on the crossfire enabled test dropped it considerably. I never noticed a drop that low while playing so it was probably less than a fraction of a second. But is it worth an additional $200 or so it costs to run the EAX1950 Pro in Crossfire mode? Certainly not the triple digit average FPS we have seen from current top of the line cards, but keep in mind the $200-$300 price difference in a single high end card over two mid-ranged cards.

Next up is Battlefield 2, my current favorite for FPS games, with all of the graphics settings on high BF 2 is a very realistic looking game, that realism usually takes its toll on a vide card.

In BF 2 we see the Crossfire set up increasing the gap over the non Crossfire. Again, about 10 FPS between the minimum and maximum, and almost 15 FPS over the HL2 average.

Q4 benefited the most with Crossfire enabled with 50+ FPS across the board.

Madden would not run in Crossfire mode, after several uninstall/reinstalls I gave up, however even with a single card the FPS hovered right around the 60 FPS cap. .

Tomb Raider Legends was ran with the next generation features enabled, and as a result scored the lowest in FPS of all games tested

This is the first time in our series of tests we had results in the 20's and 30's for average FPS. The FPS take a significant hit by enabling the next generation features, but the difference in graphics detail is like night and day. With the next generation features disabled FPS jumped to Min: 52, Max: 78 and Average: 63.07


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