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HIS Excalibur 9600 XT Turbo HIS Excalibur X800 Pro IceQ II: If you're looking for framerate beast, HIS has an answer for you.
Date: August 20, 2004
Written By:

Painkiller 1.31: Direct X 9.0

Painkiller to me plays similarly to Serious Sam which features many enemies spawning and simply just running in and blowing them up with some firepower. Although this game runs off of a checkpoint system that will not allow the player to progress unless all the monsters are killed. As such this game took a lot longer to fully test, even more than that of FarCry. As such all the results are not identical.

I played the Atrium Complex for the test.

This card is able to play this game at ridiculous settings. At 1600x1200 at 4xFSAA it barely ever goes below the 30fps mark, and even then it is only for a few moments. In some settings the card reaches over a whopping 250fps. I started to want to push the card so that is why there is the 1600x1200 at 6xFSAA setting. Even at that level the game is certainly playable. Averaging over 60fps and only spiking for a few moments when multiple barrels were exploding and a horde of enemies were on screen. I didn't even bother to run the overclocking tests on this one. As all of the benchmarks clearly show that the average fps is well over 60 frames per second, putting up overclocked scores seems just sort of silly. Here is a screenshot of the action.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow 1.1: Direct X 8.1

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow is the sequel to Splinter Cell. It uses the same engine but the intensity of items on screen is a little bit higher than its predecessor.

For the test I played through Kundang Camp, Indonesia and turned on invisibility so that I could play through the level accurately each time. This game like its predecessor has problems with FSAA so that was not tested for this game. Anisotropic filtering was forced through the hardware settings.

This game also plays very well with the HIS X800 Pro. Even the minimum on 1600x1200 is still 21. Most of the play time should be in the 40s somewhere. Also another thing of note is the thermoptic goggles and the night vision goggles. When either was equipped the game play speed increased substantially, not that I am suggesting that you play with either of them on all the time to increase your performance.

More of the same. Increasing the clockspeed puts all the resolutions firmly into perfectly playable levels. It also looks very nice.

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