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Matrox Parhelia

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Date Posted:
October 2 , 2002

The Parhelia

    The Parhelia I received was an OEM model with 128MB of BGA DDR SGRAM (notice its not DDR SDRAM as many video cards use).  Here is a couple of pictures of what the card looked like:

A side view of the Parhelia

A front view of the Parhelia

The RAM on the Parhelia

    The Parhelia core features over 80 million transistors based on 0.15u technology, this is only eciplsed by the recently released Radeon 9700 card from ATi with over 100 million transistors.  The OEM model of the Parhelia comes with a 200MHz core and 250MHz (500MHz DDR) memory.  If we look at the memory we see that it is rated for 3.3ns, or is able to run at approximately 300MHz (the product corresponding to that part number can be ) which leaves room for, overclocking perhaps?  Will the low clock speed of this card cause it any problems in our benchmark's, we will find out. 

    There is two DVI ports which allow for two digital LCD's to be put on this card as opposed to the one found on most of the GeForce series of cards (the only exception I know about is the Gainward GF4Ti4600 XP/750 Golden Sample) which is nice and helps future proof this card for DualHead with LCD's.  The one feature I was hoping for was a separate SVHS port right between the two DVI ports as there is space and traces for it, which would possibly allow for future use of two DVI monitors and TV out.

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