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Make an Office XP CD with Integrated Service Pack 1, aka Slipstreaming

Written By:
Date Posted:
February 11, 2002

Step 2

The next step is to decompress the Administrative Update into a folder on your hard drive. I suggest doing this to a folder different from where you extracted the Office XP files. Either make the directory now, or after you begin the Administrator Update (named "oxpsp1a.exe").

You can run the command "x:\oxpsp1a.exe" from the "Run" menu, where "x" is equal to the drive letter where you downloaded the admin install, or just double click on the install file. This will pop up the EULA for the update. Click "Yes" and continue...

You'll be asked where to extract the update. Enter it here or use the browse button if you've made the folder already. Don't worry if you specify a directory that doesn't exist, as it'll be made automatically.

Once you click "OK", the file extraction begins...

You should have two files located in the directory you extracted to. A large file that is named MAINSP1_Admin.msp, which updates core components for Office XP, and a smaller one called OWC10SP1_Admin.msp, which updates Office Web Components.





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