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Gigabyte GA-7VTXH

The KT266A is arguably the best AMD DDR solution there is. It's fast, stable, and priced right if you want a vanilla board..., such as Gigabyte's offering, the GA-7VTXH. Yeah, it's plain, but that isn't a bad thing...

Thermaltake Blue Orb

The Thermaltake Blue Orb is no stranger to overclocking enthusiasts. Made popular by it's ability to cool down video card GPUs, it's usefulness doesn't end there. If you have a chipset fan dying on you, this may be just what you need to replace it.

Juno P6 Full Tower Case

Full towers are handy for a couple reasons. They have more expansion potential, and chicks dig big cases. I've seen this case used in a Maximum PC article once, and VoOdOo takes a closer look to answer the eternal question... is bigger better?


Web News and Announcements - February 2, 2002

Well, we've been having some server problems, hence... no site. Things appear to be working again, so be sure to check out our latest KT266A motherboard review. We also got a new poll to the right -->

Due to our server problems, I got a rack of email flooding in now. Until I sort them all out, here's the first batch of quickie links for you...

We're fixing the problems we've had on Friday. Bear with us. :\




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