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  • thumb.jpgCorsair Flash Voyager 64GB

    If you're looking for a durable USB flash drive, as well as enough capacity to store more files than you can imagine (provided you don't imagine more than 64GB), you'll want to keep on reading.

  • ph-12.JPGPopcorn Hour A-110

    Today we get our grubby little hands on the Media Player coined “Networked Media Tank”; this is the Popcorn Hour A-110. While its name recognition is not that of Apple, it does imply that it's time to sit and enjoy some theater.

  • thumb.jpgOCZ EliteXStream 800W PSU

    OCZ's flagship PSU is under the scope today. Riddled with today's buzzwords, does the EliteXStream have the performance to back it up?

  • mobo.jpgMSI X58 Eclipse Motherboard

    MSI's no excuses high-end X58 boards lands in our cave. How does it fare against Intel's release board and is the high-price justified?

Lavalys Starts The New Year With The Release of EVEREST v5.00 Print
Written by Scott Harness   
Friday, 06 February 2009

What's new in EVEREST 5.00

New features & improvements
a.. Improved Hardware Monitoring module with Alerting feature
b.. Support for Intel Core i7, Intel Atom and AMD Phenom II processors
c.. Support for OpenGL 3.0 with OpenGL version compliancy test
d.. Support for Windows 7 and a new auto-load feature under Windows Vista
e.. Extended audio information: OpenAL and High Definition Audio pages
f.. New information page for installed Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets
g.. GPGPU devices information for ATI Stream and nVIDIA CUDA
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