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HIS HD 4870 IceQ 4+ Turbo 1GB GDDR5 Print
Written by Huy Duong   
Tuesday, 31 March 2009
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HIS HD 4870 IceQ 4+ Turbo 1GB GDDR5
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Crysis Warhead


At first glance, it would appear both cards performed equally, but then you need to take into consideration that the 8800 GTX was running at 1440x900 while the HIS 4870 was at 1920x1200.

Image quality was very good, though we did feel the performed better when we stepped back a little at 1650x1050. However, the performance was fairly consistent at the higher resolution and was able to handle the on-screen explosions better than the 8800 GTX.

Far Cry 2


As the games get a bit newer, we see the gaps getting larger.

The  clearly felt much smoother here, making the gaming experience better. Was it a dramatic difference? For this game, we felt it was.

Stalker Clear Sky


Like the Crysis tests, looks can be deceiving.

We needed to scale back the 8800 to 1152x864 to be able to function. The  did struggle at our preferred 1920 resolution, so we knocked it back to 1650x1050 and it played much better.

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