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Written by Scott Harness   
Tuesday, 14 October 2008
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The BIOS for the P7NGM Digital is of the usual MSI fair, and provides quite a lot of options for a small board. Being a board with GPU capabilities, you are able to choose how much system ram, 32M-256M to appropriate.

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bios bios bios

Under the Integrated Peripherals heading, the HD Audio Controller can be set for Internal, External or Internal + External. This means that you are able to receive audio from the HDMI (Internal) and the 6 regular audio jacks (External) or both at the same time.

bios bios bios

Whilst not traditionally the best of overclockers, this mATX board does provide a few overclocking options. The CPU Frequency can be set manually or via the (linked) FSB. Dram options cover all the major memory sections such as CAS and tRAS. The PCIe frequency can be manually set. Voltage adjustments can be made for the CPU, DRAM, NB and VTT FSB Voltage.

Considering this is a small budget board, there is certainly a very full BIOS to go with it, one that supports all the latest CPU options too.

Testing - Motherboard

Test Setup: Intel E6420 (2.13GHz), 2x 1024MB Patriot DDR2 PC2-6400, Maxtor 500GB 16MB Cache HDD, Vista Home Premium SP1

For Comparison, the MSI P45 Platinum and the Asus Blitz Formula (P35) were used. All Three boards used an MSI 8600GT during this portion of the testing.

Testing Suite

- We ran the memory bandwidth benchmark.

- A good indicator of CPU/Motherboard performance is version 4.2, by Xavier Gourdon. We used a computation of 10000000 digits of Pi, Chudnovsky method, 1024 K FFT, and no disk memory. Note that lower scores are better, and times are in seconds.

- CDex v170b2 was used to convert a 440.5MB Wav file to a 320kbs MP3. Times are in minutes:seconds, and lower is better.

DVD Shrink - We ripped the War of the Worlds bonus feature off the disk at 100% and compressed the file from the hard drive to 70%. Times are in minutes:seconds, and lower is better.

– We converted the same VOB file (531MB) from our War of the Worlds bonus feature used in the previous test to a 344MB x.264 file in an MP4 container. A 1 Pass High Performance profile was used with program defaults for everything else.

- Photoshop is perhaps the defacto standard when it comes to photo editing tools. Given that it is so popular, we incorporated DriverHeaven's latest test into our review process. Lower scores are better, and times are in seconds.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars @ 640x480 and Crysis @ 800x600 at LQ Settings - While higher resolutions tax the video card, lower resolutions rely on CPU and subsystem speed. Higher scores are better. We used Guru3D's Crysis benchmark tool and a custom timedemo for ETQW.

Sisoft Sandra - CPU Arithmetic


SiSoft Sandra - Memory Bandwidth


SiSoft Sandra - Multimedia


The first test results are quite interesting. For a small budget board, it holds its own very well indeed. It trails slightly behind our P35 and just in front of our P45. Multimedia results are particularly good to see.

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