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Written by Brook Moore   
Tuesday, 27 January 2009
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Test Setup

The MSI X58 Platinum will be equipped with an Intel i7 920 clocked at 2.66GHz and Patriot Memory PC3-15000 (2x1GB in Dual Channel mode). A Seagate Barracuda 320GB will handle the storage duties and a MSI NX-8600 running ForceWare Release 178 for our video needs.

Windows Vista Home Premium (SP1) and Ubuntu 8.10(Kernel are the OS's of choice.

The comparison motherboard will be the Asus P5K3 Deluxe with identical hardware, save the processor which will be the Intel Core2Duo Xeon 3075 (2.66GHz Dual Core).

The software used is as follows:

- We ran the CPU Arithmetic and Multimedia benchmarks.

– MemoryRead / Write / Cache – CPU Queen / Photowork Benchmarks

–Memory Read / Write – SuperPI – FF-MPeg – IO-Zone Read / Write– LAME / Ogg / FLAC encoding – GnuPG Encryption – OpenSSL(Signs / S).

Quake 4 @ 640x480 at LQ Settings - While higher resolutions tax the video card, lower resolutions rely on CPUand subsystem speed. Higher scores are better. We used our own RA4battle demo to test with.

All benchmarks will be run a total of three times with the average scores being displayed. Any system tweaks and ram timings were configured to the best possible for each platform. Despite the differences between the motherboards, we matched the tweaks as close as possible. The drivers otherwise were identical.

Sandra 2009 SP2 CPU Arithmetic


While one would expect an improvement from a dual core to quad core, hoping for a 2x improvement would be improbable, getting 3x is just jaw dropping...

Sandra 2009 SP2 CPU Multimedia


Very close results here. Closer then one would have expected with the previous results.

Everest UltimateMemory Read/Write/Copy



And now back to a dominant showing by the MSI X58 Platinum.

Everest Ultimate CPU Queen and Photoworx


The Asus / Xeon C2D are no match for the updated MSI and i7.I think we have made our point...

Phoronix Suite Memory Read/Write


Obviously the OS has no bearing on the performance ofthe MSI x58 Platinum.

Phoronix Suite SuperPI (1 MillionDigits)


Umm, wow, is that number ½? OK, not quite, but still... wow.

Phoronix Suite FFMpeg


FFMpeg is the Linux version of TMPGEnc, as you can see, the MSI X58 Platinum once again outperforms by more then just a little. Expand this over a longer time frame (1 hour video lets say), and that is serious time the system saves you from waiting.

Phoronix Suite IO-Zone Read/Write


IO-Zone measure's Hard Drive performance, we have seen slight improvements from the IC7HR to the IC8HR etc,  and while the x58 chipset boasts the updated IC10HR South Bridge compared to theP35's IC9HR, the MSI x58 Platinum outperforms by a much larger margin then one is used to seeing from a single chip step up.

Phoronix Suite LAME MP3/Ogg/FLAC encoding


No matter how you encode your music, the MSI x58 Platinum is going to save you some time, and when you have a library of 200+ CD's that you want on your Sansa SanDisk player (no iPods here m8) its serious time savings.

Quake 4 - RA4


For your potential gaming needs, MSI more then steps up to the challenge. While the CPU, when utilized with todays Graphics Cards, barely works up a sweat, its nice to know you have some, well, a hell of a lot of reserves built in with the MSI x58 Platinum. Quake 4 depends heavily on a decent subsystem and CPU to let you really push the frames, and there is no doubt as to the outcome here.

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