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NZXT WHISPER Classic Series Case Print
Written by Huy Duong   
Monday, 06 July 2009
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NZXT WHISPER Classic Series Case
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To make your way into the case, you'll need to loosen a couple thumbscrews. Once you take both of them off, you'll have full access to the interior.

The main removeable side panel is lined with black noise dampening foam, not unlike those you'll find in sound studios but not as thick, measuring 10mm. It has been years since we've used a commercially sold dampening material, but the clear advantages of foam is that it will be a lot cheaper and in most cases, lighter. Given the NZXT Whisper is quite heavy to begin with, the ligher foam is a welcome replacement. The picture above only shows off one panel, but both panels are indeed foam lined.

The NZXT Whisper is sectioned off, for both heat management and noise management. There is a lot of room to work with in here and with the rolled steel edges, safe as well. We're happy to report we did not cut our fingers during the course of this review. These features are nice, given that the motherboard tray is not removeable.

Above is an interior shot of the front expansion bays. There are seven in total, though the default configuration is six as the one on the very top is actually an expansion bracket for 3.5" devices. As you can probably see, there is a lock of screw holes here.


5.25" devices are held in place by sliding locks. The design is tooless, and by twisting the tabs on these sliders, it secures the optical drives or any other 5.25" device in place.

Above is another interior shot, but this time the inner top of the case. The noise dampening foam is here as well.


The lower half of the case is the hard drive and PSU area. The NZXT Whisper is capable of housing a whopping 9 hard drives. Each bracket features 4 rubber grommets to dampen any drive vibration. Once the hard drive is installed into a bracket, one of the few times you need a screwdriver, you can slide it back into the appropriate hard drive rack.

Hard drives aren't the coolest running components, so there are two 80mm fans included with the Whisper to keep the furthermost hard drives from the front of the case cool.

The last bit of cooling worth mentioning is the rear 120mm exhaust fan. In a traditional ATX design, this will assist CPU coolers by venting out the hot air in this area out the back.

The motherboard connections are of course a requirement for anything to actually work. Amongst the cables, there is a normal SATA connection which needs to go into the motherboard's SATA slot and is pre-connected to the eSATA we pointed out earlier.

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